Chronicles of Nicodemus


Was the resurrection of Jesus Christ . . . .


“The Chronicles of Nicodemus” is a historical novel that revolves around a clash of colorful characters and conflicting concepts in answering that question.

Using an apologetic approach the characters Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea go about interviewing persons present at the crucifixion. Their responses answer current day heresies about the resurrection and other modern day myths associated.
This distinctive historical novel invest present day criticisms in characters seeking to deny the resurrection. Eyewitnesses respond with insight only they would know. By merging historical fact and modern philosophy a new perspective of the resurrection is afforded. It concludes in a most unsuspected way.

Though it is fiction the story it tells is factual. The historical background throughout the book enlightens one to the times in which it is set. Many of the customs and much of the philosophy of the era are not generally known in the western world.

The author’s forty trips to the Bible Lands have enabled him to gain rare insights not common to the average reader. This virtual journey will inform and inspire readers in their search to determine if the resurrection of Jesus was —-


Readers will be better informed to make a valid judgement.

It has been defined by such words as



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