Drug Abuse

“Denial” isn’t a river in Egypt.

Up to 25% of this years senior classes across America can’t pass a urinalysis.

In addition to the human tragedy involved drug abuse is expensive. 80 to 85% of those in prison are there on drug related changes. Think of the costs of providing those prisons and supporting the inmates.

There are 126 countries that don’t have as many in prison as 126 of the Georgia counties.

The hospital cost for a normal weight baby in most hospitals is about $3,750. Costs for a drug addicted baby is near $100,000.

A Congressional finding revealed that drug abuse has more than doubled since 1996. The most dramatic increase occurred among 13 and 14 year olds.

Substance abuse is at the core of a number of other problems, such as, rising numbers of violent teens, growth of gang crime, increased health costs, HIV infections, teenage pregnancy, high school dropouts, and lower economic productivity.

Yet, many people are in denial regarding of how serious the problem really is.

To help one person to avoid the devastating result of drug abuse or to rescue one from its grip is a lifesaving experience.

To help avoid abuse talk with youth. It is estimated that if parents did it would result in a 30% decline in abuse. Build family ties.

Out of concern I have identified with two primary movements in this arena. As a preventive the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has a highly effective program called “One Way to Play, Drug Free.” I am Chairman of the International Board of this body headquartered in Kansas City. Check the web site: FCA.org and look under “One Way to Play…” Additionally, encourage youth to check “Hang Time” on this site for helpful encouragement.

A recent study by the Templeton Foundation found “One Way to Play…” to be one of the most highly successful programs offered in the area of prevention. Ever school should have it. Across America thousands do. It has done much to reverse the softening of peer norms against abuse.

You will see the logo on the back of Gainey Transport trucks. Harvey Gainey in on the FCA Board.

I have also partnered with the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home to provide the Nelson Price Drug Rehabilitation Center located at 729 Lawrence Street in Marietta. This 29 bed in and out patient treatment center will be dedicated May 14, at 1:30 PM. Come by and visit. A shuttle will run from Roswell Street Baptist Church. I would like for the community to know of this facility and use it to the advantage of persons needing help. I also want the community to know so no one will think it is where I went to get rehabilitated like Betty Ford. For the serious minded that part is not true, it’s a joke. OK!

There is no denying there is a major problem needing our collective efforts. Find a place along the battle line and get involved.