Nelson Price Treatment Center

It has been my good fortune to attend many graduation exercises. Never has one failed to inspire me. It marks a noteworthy achievement in the life of a person.

Recently I had the good fortune of attending a very distinctive one. Students were graduating from a drug rehabilitation program. Most had been in the program for a year. During that time they have been provided private education in the rehab center. Some finished high school and others got their GED. All of them are going on further in their education. The highly qualified teachers in the center have inspired them to achieve more academically than they ever had. The personal touch helped motivate them.

The Program Coordinator is Ricky Wallace who received his undergraduate degree from the University of Arkansas, a Masters of Science in Community Psychology from Troy State University, and a Masters of Social Work from Clark Atlanta University. His competent staff shares his commitment to excellence.

Jill Lees, a 2000 Cum Laude graduate from Georgia State with a Master’s Degree in Counseling serves as the Educational Coordinator. She has advanced the school to where it is a candidate for SACS Accreditation by 2004 as a Special Purpose School. This will allow them to establish varsity basketball and softball teams.

The center provides for 28 in-house clients, male and female, of high school age. Four different nationalities were involved. It being a small class family members, fellow clients, teachers, and friends were given an opportunity to share briefly about individual clients. It was moving to hear insight regarding the condition of various ones as they reluctantly entered and how they are now. Bitterness, anger, hostile, and sullen were words used to describe them at point of entry.

The talent level of the grads was far above average. Each has the ability to be an achiever. Some have worked outside the center at times during the day. Employers spoke of their work ethic and sense of responsibility. All of this ability was shrouded by drugs. The chemical curtain had been drawn on them and their time on the stage of life played out in addiction.

One mother said, “I am glad to have my daughter back.” She spoke as though her child had been a distance away. She had, for distance speaks of more than miles.

The facility is only a year old so it still has that sparkling new look and smell. If their regular diet is anything like the meal they and guests enjoyed they eat well. It was nutritious and attractively presented. Clients and guests were free to eat in the cafeteria or the lovely outdoor pavilion by the basketball court.

I am proud of this facility and program in part because it is called: “The Nelson Price Treatment Center.” It is located at 729 Lawrence Street in Marietta. Small groups wanting to visit the center as well as families needing the service can call 770-514-8255. And can be reached online at:

It is a route back into the real world made better by their return.