Fifth Gospel

This book is the result of over 40 visits to the Bible Land by the author. The land, the language, and the lore form a “fifth gospel” helping persons to understand better the Bible.

A must-read for those going to the Bible Land and wanting to know what to expect, as well as for those who have been to the Bible Land and want a better understanding of what they saw. And a great read for those who will never go to the Bible Land, but want a virtual trip.

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Have you read Dr Price’s ebook “PRELUDE PEOPLE”?
This is the story of people trying to keep their lives together while their world around them falls apart.

The book is timely, thought provoking, humorous, and spiritually uplifting. The engaging colorful
characters, scenic setting, and intriguing side-tracks enhance the story-line.

Geologist confirm there are three inevitable colossal natural disasters. The well researched details of these events form the setting. They are:
1. The fractured western wall of Cambre Vueja volcano in the Canary Islands will break away, creating a 300 foot megatsunami traveling at the speed of a jet airline that will reach America in approximately eight hours.
2. Yellowstone National Park will once more erupt, covering much of the central part of America with ash.
3. An earthquake will cause the San Andreas fault to slide into the Pacific Ocean.

These three events are postured as transpiring in close proximity. The struggle by nature and humans to survive are absorbingly presented as geological perfect storm.

As the story unfolds a group of college students wrestle with answers to complex spiritual, ethical, and physical issues. Enlightenment and inspiration embrace in the dynamic characters.

Fundamentally the issue is could this be the end of the ages? Could this be the foreshadowing of the second coming of

Jesus Christ and these really be the Prelude People?

A cast of compelling characters await readers to usher them into their emerging world.

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