The Chronicles of Nicodemus

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Chronicles of Nicodemus

Was the resurrection of Jesus Christ . . . .


“The Chronicles of Nicodemus” is a historical novel that revolves around a clash of colorful characters and conflicting concepts in answering that question.

Using an apologetic approach the characters Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea go about interviewing persons present at the crucifixion. Their responses answer current day heresies about the resurrection and other modern day myths associated. This distinctive historical novel invest present day criticisms in characters seeking to deny the resurrection. Eyewitnesses respond with insight only they would know. By merging historical fact and modern philosophy a new perspective of the resurrection is afforded. It concludes in a most unsuspected way.

Though it is fiction the story it tells is factual. The historical background throughout the book enlightens one to the times in which it is set. Many of the customs and much of the philosophy of the era are not generally known in the western world.

The author’s forty trips to the Bible Lands have enabled him to gain rare insights not common to the average reader. This virtual journey will inform and inspire readers in their search to determine if the resurrection of Jesus was —-


Readers will be better informed to make a valid judgment.

It has been defined by such words as



Heaven: Earth’s Ultimate Mystery

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Can a person go to heaven for a visit and return to earth? That is but one of the mysteries about heaven addressed in this work by Nelson Price. “Mystery is the translation of the word “mysterion” in the Greek text of the Bible. It means something that cannot be comprehended on one’s own behalf. It must be explained by one who understands it. The Bible is the best source for better understanding the mystery of heaven.

HEAVEN EARTH’S ULTIMATE MYSTERY explores such mysteries as:
Can a person go to heaven for a visit and return?
Will we know each other in heaven?
Will there be degrees of rewards in heaven?
Will we see God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit?
Will we become angels in heaven? Do angels have wings? How about halos?
What does it mean that there are three heavens?
What is death like?
How can we better understand “eternity” in light of “time?”
What will we do in heaven?
Scripture and science combine to answer such frequently ask intriguing questions as these.
Don’t let what you don’t know and can’t know about heaven keep you from enjoy what can be known. To increase your joy expand your knowledge of heaven by reading:



Prelude People

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This the epoch story of people trying to keep their lives together while their world around them falls apart.
Geologists confirm there are three colossal natural disasters that are inevitable.
1. The fractured western wall of Cambre Vueja volcano in the Canary Islands will break away, creating a 300 foot megatsunami traveling at the speed of a jet airliner that will reach America in approximately eight hours.
2. Yellowstone National Park will once more erupt, covering much of the central part of America with ash.
3. An earthquake will cause the San Andreas fault to slide into the Pacific Ocean.
These three events are presented as transpiring in relatively close proximity. Research of these potential events enables them to be graphically depicted in an absorbing manner. These destructive forces of nature are presented as a mega disaster.
The unfolding of these dramatic events creates broad debate and heated argument regarding spiritual issues among colorful characters. Some topics addressed and given apologetic and Bible answers are:
Is there a God? If He created the universe what evidence is there?
Why didn’t He create a perfect world?
Why does He allow suffering and natural disasters?
How can the Trinity be explained?
What is Moral or Universal Law?
What is the perspective of death and the afterlife among diverse groups?
How do these events relate to end times?
Could these events be a prelude to the second coming of Jesus Christ?
Most often answers to these and other related issues are addressed in a question and answer format.
This work creatively weaves the answers into a gripping novel, making them applicable to everyday life. It is in effect applied apologetics that emotionally engage the reader in human drama and pathos.


Servants Not Celebrities

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The Only ones among us who will really be happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve,” said Nobel Prize laureate, Albert Schweitzer.
Self-esteem, happiness as an end in itself, recognition, notoriety, and prosperity theology are themes that sell today. Motivated by such themes, persons have turned inward rather than turning loose, and as a result have become stagnant rather than flowing with life.
Francis of Assisi’s quote resonates with happiness, “It is in giving that we receive.” For a meaningful life try giving yourself away by serving others. Persons desiring such a fulfilling life will find “Servants Not Celebrities” stimulating as well as enjoyable. This book is full of examples and exhortations inspiring excellence. It is motivation full of meaning.
The Greek physician Hippocrates described four basic temperament types. For a truly happy life add a fifth: a servant temperament.


The Emmanuel Factor

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What difference does it make?
Does Christ having come to earth make a difference to you?
How does the historical Christ factor into history?
Angels said His coming brought “Joy to the world.” Hopefully it has in your life.
This work seeks to help the reader understand how Emmanuel, which means, “God
with us,” can make a difference in daily life. Such an awareness can bring a new found joy in the life of the reader. Explore what is means to live with a conscious awareness of His nearness. Be inspired and empowered even amid daily drudgery by knowing of His companionship and what that entails.
It is not self-delusion brought about by not facing reality. It is a calm, consistent
sense of well-being because Emmanuel is indeed with you.
The reader will better understand and be empowered by living in light of Christ’s promise:
“I will never leave you, nor forsake you, I will be with you always.”
That is a forever “never” with no exception ever.
Practicing the presence behind the promise gives zest, joy, and power to life.


Backstage at the Manger: The Story of Christ’s Birth

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The “War on Christmas” is an attack on the foundation of the Christian faith. “Backstage at the Manger” is a sound, easy to understand defense against these flagrant attacks. It is an inspirational and informative work growing out of thirty-seven visits to the Bible Land and over fifty years of Bible study and teaching as a pastor of a mega church. On sight conversations with scholars in Bible antiquities and archaeology are blended with extensive Bible research to give the reader a look “Backstage at the Manger.”


 Prayer: Closet Power

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God loves to say “Yes” to our prayers. This book provides an enlightening insight into how to offer acceptable prayer to God. A search of Scripture reveals it is as though God is saying over and over: “Please talk to me.” Life is transformed when His invitation is accepted. Christ instructed His followers to enter their closet, shut the door and pray to the Father who sees in secret and rewards openly. This is a must read for those who want the privilege of time in the closet to be more productive. You are not in the dark in the closet.


Called to Splendor

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“Called To Splendor” by Nelson Price is an encouraging and easy-to-read title that covers such topics and thoughts as:
1. Three qualities of strength.
2. God has called His church to build bridges, not walls.
3. Four principles for making friendships.
4. Our holiness, not happiness, is most important to God.
5. Three supports that gave stability to Abraham when he faced uncertainties.

The title will encourage you to hang in there and let God be God in your life.


Farewell to Fear

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“Farewell to Fear” addresses the various forms of fear from a practical standpoint. Such diverse aspects as depression, worry, and anxiety along with others are included. It will be a beneficial read for persons dealing with these and other aspects of fear. Scientific as well as Scriptural insights are shared in an easy to read style and comprehend.
The topics are not just identified, but solutions for dealing with the various topics are proposed. Being well illustrated makes it a work easily comprehended.
The chapter entitled “How Not to Fear” gives the reader insight into how to engage in transforming thought in order to overcome fear in its various forms. The “fear nots” of the Bible are share in a manner to help the reader untie the “fear knots” of life. Spirituality and psychology embrace to strengthen the reader.


The Apostles

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Against unimaginable odds, 12 men set out to change the course of history and the destiny of millions. Twelve were called. One faltered and a most unlikely champion picked up his fallen banner. With singleness of purpose, they pursued the course upon which their master sent them. They were his agents to transform society with a revolutionary message of love. With Christ’s teaching etched in their minds, the image of his crucifixion infused in their memory, and the reality of the resurrection foremost in their hearts, they went forth to conquer. Allow them to disciple you by their lives.


Plodders: The Improbables Doing the Incredible

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The word “plod” is defined variously in different dictionaries to mean: “to walk slowly; trudge,” “to work patiently with effort,” “to work with constant and consistence perseverance.”
In this volume Bible characters as well as current individuals are cited as examples of productive plodders. May their examples inspire and encourage readers.


Backstage at the Church

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Backstage at the Church

The drama of 35 years in a single ministry is played out in this book. The heartbreak and joy of lives shared and victories won will be found to be exciting. Herein, you will find the compatible contrast between what is public knowledge and what goes on — BACKSTAGE AT THE CHURCH.


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