A Day For Renewal

Lamentation 5: 19 – 21
(The Book Was Written By Jeremiah)

In Verses 1 – 18 It Is Acknowledged That The Nation Is In Disarray: “The Crown Has Fallen From Our Head.” Moral As Well As Civil Law Had Broken Down. The Rule Of Man Among Them Has Been Overthrown.

Confession Of Sin Is Made: “Woe Is Us, For We Have Sinned” (Vs. 16).

Following This Confession Hope Begins To Rise. Freed From Thoughts Of Themselves Their Hearts Are Turned Toward The Lord.

“You O Lord, Remain Forever” (Vs. 19a).

“Your Throne From Generation To Generation” (Vs. 19b). This Speaks Of The Moral Governance Of God.

In The Lord There Is An Anchor For The Soul. Her One’s Heart Can Safely Rest. There Is An Absolute.

Since God Is Forever The Moral Governor Of The Universe, His People Can Have Hope. There Is A Basic For Stability.

In Applying The Statement, “The Crown Has Fallen From Our Head” To America We See A Nation In Which God’s Moral Absolutes Have Been Abandoned In Favor Of Relativism.

Ask An Advocate Of The Philosophy That There Are No Moral Absolutes If He Believes There Are No Moral Absolutes And He Will Say, “Absolutely.”

It Is Popular To Say, “There Are No Moral Absolutes.” Right And Wrong Are Determined By The Situation. This Is Called Tolerance.

Most Of Us Believe In Old Fashioned Tolerance. However, The Word Has Been Redefined As Positive And Negative Tolerance.

To Say, “I Love You And Respect Your Right To Believe As You Do, But Disagree With You,” Is Considered Negative Tolerance And Not Proper.

Positive Tolerance Means One Persons Idea Is As Good As Any Other. It Does Not Allow For Any One Idea To Be Considered Right And Another Wrong. If One Person’s Idea Is As Good As Another’s We Need To Dig Up Adolph Hitler And Apologize. We Need To Open Prison Doors And Let Theodore Kazinsky And All Other Prisoners Out.

College Professors Dealing With Students Trained To Believe In Positive Tolerance Are Running Into Moral Problems. They Are Finding Students Who Believe Slavery Was Right. After All, It Was The Accepted Idea Of Many People. Genocide Is Acceptable For After It Is A Popular Idea In Some Societies.

There Needs To Be A Return To The Moral Governance Of God.

Some Critics Say This Is An Appeal To Return To Old Testament Law. Most Fail To Realize There Were Three Bodies Of Law During The Old Testament Era.

* There Was The Civil Law, The Laws Of The State. These Were The Judicial Laws Established By God For Ancient Israel Only. They Have Been Changed By Various Societies And Were Not Intended To Be Applicable To Any Other Nation.

* There Was The Ceremonial Law, The Sacrificial System. This Was Fulfilled By Christ And Is No Longer Applicable. Because Of “The Lamb Of God Slain From The Foundation Of The Earth” There Is No Longer A Need For Animal Sacrifices.

* There Was The Moral Law Of God Which Has Not And Does Not Change: “You, O Lord, Remain Forever, Your Throne From Generation To Generation” (Vs. 19a).

Individually We Need To Pray With Jeremiah: “Turn Us Back To You, (Revive Us) O Lord, And We Will Be Restored” (Vs. 21).

Come Back To Jesus Christ, “The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever.”

When We Do, Then We Will Be Renewed, Revived.