A Different Disposition

Linda Burnett was born in Greece and learned Greek before English. Her dad was in the military and returned to the states for a few years before being transferred to France. There she learned French. There after a few months she realized she was thinking in French.

Then she made a beautiful application. When we learn Scripture soon we realize we are thinking in terms of the Scripture. It becomes our thought pattern. At that point the mind of Christ becomes ours. When saved we are to begin thinking like Jesus tought us to speak.

An oft repeated theme in Romans is “much more.” In verse 9 it is used. Christ saves us, what then can He do for us? Yes, “much more.” Time and again it occurs.

We are saved by His life dispositionally — Christ is in us. 

When we come to Christ we come with a lot of baggage. We have a certain disposition, mind set, temperament, and world view. Our old lifestyle is unbecoming of the new life we profess. It is at this point the living Christ enables us to “be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man.” (Ephesians 3:16) He can then save us from our former ungodly attitudes and character. We become new creatures. Your old nature need no longer control. The Spirit controlled temperament then characterizes you. Did you get that? It means Christ can enable you to live a spiritually victorious life. Daily, by the living Christ, you are being saved dispositionally. Old character and conduct habits are broken and new life emerges.

The more you become preoccupied with Christ, the less you are absorbed with yourself and He begins to instinctively control your disposition. Dispositionally He saves us from:

ANXIETY: There is a delightful little best seller called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff,” and all stuff is small. 

If we view the events of life from that perspective we avoid anxiety, that is, worry.

Take for instance the moment a car cuts in front of you in traffic and slows you down. Do you blow your cool? That’s sweating the small stuff. How much were you slowed down? Probably .6 of a second. Not worth sweating.

BITTERNESS: Dr. Dean Ornish, who has pioneered vascular damage reversal treatments, said bitterness is the most toxic of personality traits.  We are concerned about preventing toxins getting in our water, food, and atmosphere. When they are there we go to great lengths to remove them. We need to do the same in our spiritual life.

Bitterness is the only personality trait that is harmful to one’s health. Get it out.

Forgiveness is the cornerstone to good health. It removes toxins. 

Becoming a Christian involves an instant experience. It then continues as a process of transformation of our nature. We are instructed to grow in grace and in knowledge. Think like a Christian and act like a Christian dispositionally.