A Different View of Abortion

Imagine these scenarios. If all the infants in all the wombs of all the women of all the world could communicate at the birth of one of them named Sam the others could be heard to say, “Poor ole Sam passed on.”

Now, imagine this scenario. An intruder came in and dispatched Sam, forcefully taking him out. The others could be heard to say, “Poor ole Sam was brutally murdered and drugged out. He had such potential, yet, he was mercilessly killed.”

That is abortion as seen from the victim’s viewpoint.

Fifty years ago when abortion was legalized it was said it would lead to a new philosophy. Young adults would grow to believe that if it is legal to kill at that stage it is OK to kill at any age. Without it being said the concept would prevail subconsciously and murders would increase. Sure enough in the streets of our cities deferred abortion is being practiced on young adults by young adults. The principal instrument used for the deferred abortion is the handgun.

In abhorring the horror of abortion the welfare of the young mother must be considered. Assistance in not aborting must be given to her. No federal funds can be expected to give assistance to young mothers who elect to give birth to and rear a child. The private sector will have to provide assistance. Keep in mind there are already pro-life clinics that give assistance.

Almost all of those who go to pro-life centers have made their choice to give birth before going. Most go there seeking advice and help. Protesters disrupting centers that are there to help them inflicts hardship on such potential mothers. This disrupts the mother in making her choice. 

In general pro-life centers act as a referral center designed to provide a loving non-judgmental environment. They don’t shout condemnation and wave the Bible in the face of a potential mother. There is no condemnation, only love. It is little known they dispense diapers, clothing, and vitamins until the child is two years of age. Council regarding finding funding and a place to live is also afforded. Insight, not pressure, is given regarding potentially putting the child up for adoption in a good home. They are there to help, not condemn.

Further help is needed by enacting laws making adoption faster and less expensive. Birthing clinics that make giving birth less expensive would greatly help.

This is a bright hour for churches to show even greater compassion and more support. Families capable of adopting and rearing a child should step forward. All should pray. This is a new era and new concepts as to how to best meet the needs are surely going to be needed. Arise to the needs.