A Guidebook for Better Living – Part One

Hebrews 1: 1 – 3

Jesus has a message for you.  It is a message of encouragement, explanation, exhilaration and expectation. He wants to communicate to us more than we want Him to. Communication involves sending and receiving a message.

Lilly Tomlin, in her role of a telephone operator, often uses a statement which illustrates this: “Have I reached the person to whom I am speaking?”

The people who initially received this letter needed its message as much as we.  For we, like they, are going through difficult times.  The old world order with which they were comfortable was being destroyed.  A new code of public ethics was emerging which was not God’s will.  They were being pulled into it and being persecuted by their former friends for following Christ.  False teachings abounded, and they were in danger of being deceived.  Forgetfulness was causing them not to remember some foundational truths that would have stabilized them.  They were at a spiritual standstill, making no progress and in danger of sliding back into their old lifestyle.  Many had forsaken worship.  They needed an exuberant word from God. So do we . . . and we have it. It is God’s written Word. It is the Bible. Part of it is the Book of Hebrews. 

Our society needs a word of encouragement.  We look at externals and think all things are well.  In reality we are often looking at a shell that is empty.  A word has been coined to describe a segment of our affluent upward mobile society called “yuppies.”  Even they who drive Porshces and drink Perrier are not finding fulfillment in things.  Many studies are showing a number of these are now suffering from guilt and are even embarrassed to be associated with people like themselves.  They are in need of a word of encouragement.  Many of these have stopped reaching upward and have started looking upward to Christ for a word of encouragement.

He alone gives hope.  Hope is more than an emotion.  It is a way of looking at life and an understanding of the things that happen to us.  The Word of God does this and inspires hope.

If you were assured that you could go to a given spot and actually hear the literal voice of God speaking right from heaven, would you do it?  Well, we can’t, but there is a place where you can go and see the actual words communicated to us by God through holy men in a written form. That is what the Bible is. 

Designate a time and place to which you will go each day to get a written message from God. While there, He would like to hear from you. Make time to pray also. Perhaps you think you don’t have time. Make it by doing something simple like setting your alarm clock a bit earlier.

Begin today.