A Spirit Controlled Temperament

Temperament Is a Combination of Inborn Traits That Subconsciously Affects Our Behavior. These Traits Are Arranged Genetically on the Basis of Race, Sex, Nationality, and Other Heredity Factors. They Are Passed on in Our Genes. It Is Believed We Inherit More from Our Grandparents Than Our Parents.

Character Is the Real You. in Scripture It Is Called “the Hidden Man of the Heart.” It Is a Result of Our Natural Temperament Modified by Childhood Training, Education, and Basic Attitudes, Beliefs, Principles, and Motivation. It Is Sometimes Called “the Soul” of a Person Made up of Mind, Emotions, and Will.

Personality Is the Outward Expression of Yourself Which May or May Not Be the Same As Our Character, Depending on How Genuine We Are. Sometimes Personality Is a Pleasing Facade for an Unpleasant or Weak Character.
“Man Looks on the Outward Appearance but God Looks on the Heart.”
“out of the Heart (Character) Proceed the Issues of Life.”

“You Can Use Your Background As an Excuse for Present Behavior Only Until You Receive Jesus Christ As Your Personal Lord and Savior. After That You Have a New Power Within You That Is Able to Change Your Conduct.”  Dr. Henry Brandt

Not All Believers Are Experiencing This Transformation and the Reason Is Revealed by Their Conduct. They Are Not Living the Spirit Filled Life and Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit. the Filling of the Spirit Enables on to Bring Into Subjection Their Temperament and Character So It Shows in the Personality.

Galatians 5: 22, 23 “the Fruit of the Spirit Is Love, Joy, Long-Suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Self-Control….”
the Holy Spirit Filled Temperament Does Not Have Weakness.
All These Traits Are Traits of a Spirit Controlled Temperament, Character, and Personality.
Persons Can Fast, Pray, and Even Give Their Bodies to Burned at the Stake but if They Don’t Evidence the Fruit of the Spirit Theirs Is Not a Spirit Controlled Temperament, Character, and Personality.

This Article Is a Review of:
Spirit-Controlled Temperament  by Tim Lahaye  Pp. 45-56