Anticipation, Frustration, Realization

Have you ever had the following pattern work out in your life?  The pattern is: ANTICIPATION, FRUSTRATION, REALIZATION.

God promised Abraham he would be the father of a great nation. Abraham had great anticipation. He was going to have an heir to his wealth. He presumed it would be his son by Sarah named Ishmael. He had ANTICIPATION. God said no to Abraham’s plan. That led to FRUSTRATION. Then Abraham’s wife Sarah conceived and Isaac was born, the son of promise, REALIZATION.

Have you ever experienced that pattern? Your great anticipation was frustrated only to have the Lord enable there to be an even greater realization.

God, through Moses, informed His people that he, Moses, would lead them out of slavery and He would provide for them a promised land. They had great ANTICIPATION.

After 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, with the Promised Land in sight, Moses died. That resulted in thunderous FRUSTRATION.

Then God brought Joshua on the scene to lead them into the land of promise. That consequence was REALIZATION.

Do you know why Abraham had his anticipation realized? Do you know why Moses had his frustration overcome by realization? In both cases it was because God had a plan.

Don’t give up in times of frustration. These are occasions when we are in the valley of the shadow. The Psalmist stated action for such a time: “I walk through the valley.”He did not say he camped in the valley. He walked through the valley.

When God’s plan is followed “All things work together for good … according to His purpose.”  Things “According” to God’s plan work together for good.. Keep your mind fixed on that fact. The alternative is illustrated by three boys racing in the snow to greet a friend.  It was obvious the one who would get there first would be the one who ran the straightest path.

One boy ran looking at his own feet as they kicked up snow.
A second was concerned with how his buddies were doing and kept watching them.
The third kept his eyes on the person toward whom they were racing. He got there first.
Those three boys represent various types of persons.
Some are self-conscious and keep their eyes on themselves.
Others are preoccupied with other people.
The third group keep their eyes on the goal. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
The Psalmist walked through the valley because, as he said, “He leads me.”