Blind Faith

Christians are often accused of having blind faith. The implication is they have committed intellectual suicide. Not so, Jesus exhorted His followers to “know the truth.” The Christian experience is based on faith in facts. Though it goes beyond reason, it does not go against facts. It calls for one to put the entire mind into their preparation, their whole heart in their presentation, and the full life in their illustration.

The facts in which faith is based are often unknown. How then can that which is unknown be found? As in math to find the unknown start with the known. For example, if 6A equals 12B, what does A equal. 

Some feel the best way to find the unknown will of God they need to get alone and think. That is on occasion what we need to do. However, Scripture suggests a different approach. This is fleshed out in Proverbs 16: 3, “Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.”

The involvement in that which is known, your work, is often a stimulus to thought enabling the unknown to be conceived.

Faith is the rapier thought that foiled fear every time.

Often individuals make their plans and commit them to the Lord asking His blessings on them. Both are admirable, but they are in the wrong order. First, pray about what your plan should be, make the decision and then commit it to Him asking His blessing.

In relating to this passage keep in mind this is a proverb, not a promise. That is, it exposes a principle that is generally true, but to which there are exceptions. When studying a proverb check to see if the concept or principle is repeated in other Scripture as a promise.

Having made a plan, take the following principles into consideration.

First, pray. Prayer should precede and punctuate our every activity.

Second, trust God. Reliance on Him does not insure success, but it does guarantee He will be working in your work. For every hick-up you have God has an antidote. That is, He has backup plans for your back ups.

Next, expect a potential struggle. They are often actions intended to strengthen us for further activity.

Expect opposition. Even the best plans God ordains are opposed by the adversary. Plans designed by God are denigrated by the adversary. 

The principle in this passage is repeated in Psalms 37:4. The psalmist says, “Commit your way to the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Summarily that means if you want what God wants He will provide it in fulfillment of His will.