Changing Times

 “The Times They Are A-Changing” was a popular Bob Dylan hit in 1964. Indeed they were. However, today the rate of change is on steroids. America is not the America of old and never will be. The times, they have changed dramatically.

1)  30% of adult Americans are not affiliated with any religion. 10% higher than a decade ago.

2)  Protestants have the greatest decreases.  Catholics held steady.

3)  29% of the adult Americans consider themselves atheists, agnostics, or nothing. Up 6% from 5 years ago.

4)  63% of our population claim to be Christian. Down from 75% a decade ago.

5)  40% of our population is Protestant. Christian, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Nazarene, etc.

6)  26% of adult Americans are Catholic.

7)  Americans are praying less. 45% say they pray daily. That is down from 58% 5 years ago.

8)  Only 24% of US adults claim to be “Born again or evangelical”.  That is down 6% from 5 years ago.

9)  51% of Protestants attend church at least monthly. 35% of Catholics attend at least monthly. 

10)  Only 4 in 10 US adults consider religion important in their lives. That decreases every year. 

Not one of those statistics is positive. Alone they are cause for concern. Compounded together they are highly disturbing.

The survey was conducted by the highly respected Pew Research Center. They shout an awakening call.

Additionally, there is no nationally respected voice calling us back. The church collective seems to be inept and unable to issue a clarion call to America.

There is some concern about our political climate and the way the government is trending. This is a legitimate cause for additional concern. Religious faith has been the sentinel in previous times, but that voice is not being heard, instead it is a whimper or a snivel. The flagging zeal and lagging faith within the churches indicate little desire to call the society back to the Lord. Judgment begins at the house of the Lord.

One day there will be a cleavage in the sky and a trumpet will sound. That will be a glorious day. However, between now and then the sky is growing more cloudy.

I have not lost faith, but I am a realist. Except we repent ….

This an appeal to pray daily for spiritual renewal.