Crossing Jordan

Does Joshua’s experience in crossing the Jordan ever typify your situation. For years the church sang the old hymn (remember them), with these words:

“Often times I’m forsaken, and weary and sad,

When it seems that my friends have all gone;

There is one tho’t that cheers me and makes my heart glad,

I won’t have to cross Jordan alone.”

My concept of the crossing of the Jordan was formidable. At flood time it was. However, I have stood on its banks many times and have always marveled at how small it. Many places it is less that 25 feet. It posed a major obstacle when Joshua and the Israelites got there. It was flood time when it is sometimes a mile wide, shallow, but wide. However. the crossing wasn’t the main issue. It was an issue, but it wan’t the major issue. The big issue was facing the unknown on the other side.

Joshua, along with Caleb, had spied out the land and reported it was populated by giants. The real story is that in our dealing with the unknowns we face, we don’t have to face them alone, giants and all. We have an invisible, but invincible guide, our Lord Jesus. He scouts it out in advance.

Arriving there at flood time may have looked like God scheduled it at a most inappropriate time. Do you ever have an experience causing you to question God’s timing? That is time you can put real meaning to the little chorus:

“God’s been in time, on time, every time for me.”

Reflect on some of your bad timing that has resulted in God acting on time.

They may have questioned why God took so long to get them there. Why had God waited forty years while Joshua had aged until he was 80? There is no indication that on the evening preceding the crossing they complained. We must emulate their faith when facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. God made a way for them and He will make a way for you. You won’t have to cross your Jordan alone.

Do as Joshua charged the people: “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you” (Joshua 3:5) 

Now the reason for the untimely and impossible challenge of crossing the Jordan. God set them up so that after the crossing they can look back and realize what had happened could not have been achieved without God enabling it. It was to bring them to the point they were willing to consecrate themselves.

Now, do some of your life experience come into focus? Consecrate yourself.

“Consecrate” is the Hebrew qadash and it means, “be hallowed, set apart, consecrated” or “consecrate, set apart, prepare, or dedicate.” Do it!