Divided We Fall

There is a sinister movement at play In America. Perpetrators fall into two categories. Some have admirable intentions thinking they are helping our nation. Many good, sincere, innocent persons with good intent have bought in. To use current descriptive speech, they have drunk the Kool Aid. Thinking they are working to save the world they are carrying out the design of the evil originators.

Others are deviously dedicated to divide us. They know the intended result and are knowingly working to achieve its design. To fulfill their intent it has to be done under the guise or helping society. The principal proponents of the movement are selling their cause behind such a cause. That is the reason innocent persons with a good intent bought into it.

The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory was an assemblage of social scientists and researchers in Germany focused on the application of Marxism to philosophy and society. The Frankfurt School was founded in 1923 as part of Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Being forced out of Europe they found a congenial home in Ivy League Schools in America.  (Getting the picture).                   

Critical Theory provides a specific interpretation of Marxist philosophy with regards to some of its central economic and political notions like a critique of mass culture. Their objective is to transform religion, family life, education, politics, technology, and entertainment as it has formerly been known.

Movements to achieve the transformation are identity politics, critical race, white privilege, DEI, multiculturalism, and others under the WOKE umbrella. Those terms are even used in some churches. This is most often because the sinister purpose is not known. It is basically to divide.

Black minister Cory Brooks of the South Side of Chicago, said these efforts have done nothing to help Blacks. He and others recommend as an alternative teaching character, morals, virtue, a sense of personal responsibility and accountability, and a striving for personal excellence. Merit resulting thereby enables a person to achieve their best and accomplish their optimum. 

Most people may know some likable smart people involved in one of these movements. I would not impugn their motive, nor would I disclaim their divisive result. Their intent might be noble, but the result is not.

The objective is to divide us. Marx did it to conquer Russia. He turned the bourgeoisie, who owned and hoarded wealth and resources, against the proletariat, the laborers. The proletariat eventually destroy the bourgeoisie and provided the basis for Communism.

The divisions are not so well defined in America and our large middle class mitigates the mix. Racial differences proved to be a dividing line in America and is being used as such. There is an effort to divide us as the oppressed and oppressors.

One reason for hatred of Jews is they are unfairly represented as being oppressors. This improper premise has long been held in Europe and has led to much egregious persecution of Jews.

Unrest and protest on Ivy League campuses is a result of the long held philosophy brought to our shores by the Frankfurt School of thought. It is highly ingrained in many schools.

There is more of this canard in our communities than most people realize. It is the dividing force it was tactically designed to be. We must search for things that unite us.

United we stand. Divided we fall. Division would form a fertile basis for Communism.