God Bless America

A reporter for the New York Herald sat on a ridge overlooking a strategic battlefield at Cedar Creek in the un-Civil War. General Grant had named General Philip H. Sheridan to lead the army cavalry of the Potomac to defend the area. Little Phil, as he became known, was eleven miles away in Winchester when the battle broke out at Cedar Creek. Observing what appeared to be shaping up as a rout by the Confederates, the reporter wrote, “I am witnessing the awful disillusionment of the United States of America.”

Sheridan rode at a gallop the full eleven miles to the conflict. As he rode onto the field of battle, at his side he had a simple banner with a star thereon signifying his command. As he rode, he shouted, “Here is Sheridan. Sheridan is with you. Follow me and we shall save the Union,” They did, and they did.

As painful as it is to say it, there is no more whistling in the dark, we are again “…witnessing the awful disillusionment of the United States of America.” I can’t believe I am saying that. Neither can I believe it is true, but without a dramatic turnabout it is looming. It has happened to many great nations throughout history. The pallbearers that carried away the corpses  of many great societies await another. The Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Hyksos, Greeks, and Romans have all ruled over one great nation, Egypt.

Apart from a great social, political, cultural, and spiritual revival our destiny looks bleak. We are divided into so many special interest groups, whose own interest is preferred to our national interest, that we are coming apart. We are polarized without bridges of understanding. Distrust, bitterness, hate, and deception are the norm.      

As in a dark hour in the life of ancient Israel every person does that which is right in his own eyes.

As on that battlefield at Cedar Creek a leader is needed on our battle field. It must be a man of the Lord’s own choosing. Historically He has on occasion used as His principal agent a person not of faith in Him, but one who endorses principles that are of Him.

Nations reach a tipping point. At times the tipping point and the end have been synonymous. At other times they have been separated by time. America appears to be reaching the tipping point. Are we civil enough to perpetuate a civil society?

May the yeast of innate goodness in the heart of America rise as never before. From sea to shining sea may the chorus rise as a prayer, “God bless America,” knowing He will when we profess He is the “Great God our King.”