God – Part Six

The number of atheists  (a = without; theos = god) and agnostics (a = without; gnosis = knowledge) has dramatically increased in recent years. The errors of such doctrine needs to be refuted.

During the old USSR I shared with a hardened member of the KGB proof of God’s existence. As the conversation progressed I noticed a tear on his cheek and asked if I could help. He said no it was just that he had been reared in an atheistic country, and it saddened him to know God had been there all the time and no one ever told him, and not only was He there but that He loved him. He is representative of many in America.

Romans 1: 20 shouts of evidence of God: “Since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities… have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” Imagine a car existing without a designer and maker. Could a C-5 airplane rolling off the assembly line at Lockheed Georgia and it being argued it came into being as a result of an explosion in the storage building. If there is a C-5 there must be a designer and builder.

The very existence of our beautifully designed universe shouts there is a God, and Calvary shared His love.

In our court a criminal is found guilty under the law and sentenced to prison. For there to be a law there had to be a lawmaker. The laws of nature evidence a lawmaker.

When challenged to prove God’s existence, ask the enquirer to prove He does not exist. In doing so, keep in mind the law of logic which says you can’t prove a negative. You can’t prove words don’t exist without using words. You can’t prove God does not exist without using examples He does.

Objective truth would not exist were there no universal source of objectivity, no universal laws against evil such as murder and lying, no power of reason, and no laws of science.

It is impossible for God not to exist. Without Him these things would not exist. The fact they do proves He does exist. This line of logic is known as “Transcendental Proof for the Existence of God.”

Truth proves God exists. Some claim there is no absolute truth, all is relative. This claim itself is an absolute truth proving absolute truth does exist. If absolute universal truth, such as the laws of math, science, and morality exist, there must be a universal source of truth. That source is God. There can be no truth without God. The fact that the truth does exist is proof God does.

If morality is based on consensus, the atrocities of ISIS must be considered acceptable because a consensus of a sect of Islam approves it. For truth and morality to exist it cannot be merely based on opinion, for opinions vary and are not absolute. Absolutes acclaim the existence of God.

Back to the KGB agent. Not only does God exist, He loves you. Why not love Him back?