God – Part Three

Design argues–there is a God.  Where there is design there must be a designer.  A watch operates by design. Logically it can be concluded there was a designer of the watch. The earth operates by design, the rotation and tilt of the earth causes the seasons showing design. Earth is tilted 23 degrees. This allows a turning, allowing all parts exposure to the sun. If there were no tilt the poles would accumulate masses of ice and the center part become unbearably hot and life impossible. This operates by design. Therefore, there must be a Designer.

The authors of “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” offer an argument for the existence that goes something like this.

A young boy wakes up one morning and goes down for breakfast to find his mom has left for work. He notices on the breakfast table a box of cereal has fallen over and pieces have spelled out on the table reading, “God loves you.” He assumes when the box fell over, the cereal formed the design.

He hurried down to the beach in hopes of seeing a girl named Sue he liked. There in the sand was drawn a large heart with an arrow through it and the message “Sue loves John.”  He assumed the waves just washed up and made it.

Looking up he sees puffy white clouds spelling, “Eat More Chicken.” Immediately he assumes the wind blew them in such a design.

It never occurred to him the message on the table had a design and his mom must have designed it.

The message in the sand had a design. Sue and John must have designed it.

The message in the sky had a design. There must be a designer. Sure enough, there is a skywriting plane.

All of the effects had design. That required a Designer.

All the designs in the universe have a Designer.

Law is an evidence. Where there is a law such as the 55 mile speed limit, there must be a lawmaker.  There are laws of science at work in the universe; thus, there must be a Lawmaker. The existence of law evidences His existence.

Without Him there can be no binding moral law, no absolutes. There can be subjective law, laws made by individuals, but no objective law, law made by an objective source, God. Subjective law allows for every individual to make his or her own standard law. Where individuals set all the law there are no absolutes. Hence, man is god.

Evil, such as the holocaust, is absolute. Everyone agrees such is evil. For there to be such an absolute law there must be an object, God, who established the standard.

However, if morality is merely subjective, then moral choices are simply personal preferences. For example one likes war, one likes peace, one likes hate, and one likes love. However objective law requires an object, God who sets the standard.

Love, mercy, optimism, hate, and hope can’t be put in a test tube and proven by scientific method; but by faith we believe in them.

The law of cause and effect argues for the existence of God. For every effect there must be an equal or greater cause. The effect is the universe, the cause has to be greater… He is.

Scientists concur that the universe is running down. This is known as the law of entropy. If it is not self-sustaining, neither was it self-creating. It has a beginning. The answer, “In the beginning God…”

Anthropology reveals a universal God consciousness among all people. Yet, there are some people who do not believe in God. People in general do, however. Their disbelief doesn’t discredit the general rule of God consciousness, any more than the fact that some people have only one leg disproves the general principle that people have two legs.