Heaven: Tell Me About It – Part One

You are immortal. Think about this, you will never cease to exist.

After you leave planet earth through the old door called death, you will exist eternally in one of two states. There are only two states. Only two and no after death option often referred to as a “second chance.”

Your choice determines in which you will spend eternity.

The good news regarding the best option is said by Jesus as being “In My Father’s house are many mansions … I go to prepare a place for you … where I am there you may be also ….” (John 14: 2).

The Bible refers to heaven 550 times. The term heaven occurs over 400 times in the four Gospels. Most often it is used by Jesus.

There is a lot of unknown about heaven resulting in many questions to which in this life there are no answers. Can you imagine an Eskimo returning to Alaska from Hawaii trying to tell his tribesmen who have never been out of his village or seen TV what a pineapple is like.

What Jesus said about heaven is enough.

In a current society that believes everything is relative and rationalizes most things, Jesus stands out as a man who dealt with absolutes. Candidly, that is what made Him unpopular with the intelligence.

Unfortunately that is also what makes Christianity so intolerable to many. However, it is also what makes Christianity so popular to many. In a world of unclearly defined principles along comes Jesus with His insightful emphasis. He shares absolutes, facts, that offer stability and that encourages many.

Many Christians, and some churches have fallen prey to materialistic indulgence. Rather than setting our affections on things above (Col. 3:1), many have become attached to things of this world. Instead of laying up treasures in heaven many have devoted themselves to accumulating riches on earth. Such a mindset crowds out thoughts of heaven.

Most folks want to go to heaven — later. The attitude seems to be: “Please God, I want to go to heaven, but not yet; I haven’t been to Hawaii!” Or, “The new hasn’t worn off my car yet.”

If you are to be heaven-bound you must be heaven-born. You must be born again. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” This requires personal faith in Jesus resulting in a lifetime commitment to Him as Savior. If this has never been done it can be done right where you are. To help you develop in your faith identify with a body of believers. Most often a local church.

Lord, I believe in you and I commit to you. Now, on my way to heaven help me grow in grace and knowledge.