Holocaust II

The Code of Hammurabi is the most complete and perfect extant collection of Babylonian laws, developed during the reign of Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC). Oversimplification of part of the Code is “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

A similar more recent expression is “a tit-for-tat” action. It is one where someone takes revenge on another person for what they have done by doing something similar to them.

Israel’s incursion into Hamas territory is an enactment of these principles. If so, we are in the “tit” time. We have seen a bit of what the “tat” horror was.

Recently a documentary has been produced involving testimonies by rescue personnel and survivors of the Hamas savage October 7 attacks on Israel that killed 1,139 people, including 764 civilians and 373 Israeli security personnel. 248 persons were taken hostage. The film graphically shows the bloody naked sexually mutilated bodies of the violently raped females, and yes, males. The depiction of the merciless paroxysm involving bloody rapes is graphic and gory. The documentary film tells of the inhuman “tat” (first military action by Hamas).

One released hostage tells of being chained to a bed and raped repeatedly. She tells of current hostages being subjected to the same conditions.

In follow up Israel had three options. Each is unfortunate and regrettable. One was to do nothing and thus indirectly encourage future strikes. The other was to follow the action with a light response leaving their attackers to regroup and strike again as they have in previous engagements.

The third “tit” was to attempt to prevent further “tats” by destroying the attackers as a military strike force and hence preventing future uncivilized, bestial attacks. What is happening in Gaza was their only viable option, though regrettable. Hamas has cowardly embedded itself in the Palestinian population. The civilian population is suffering collaterally. They are suffering the result of the Hamas “tat.”

A question is can rioters be awakened to the cause of the current war? Can they be made aware of the fact that what is happening to Jews today is precisely what the Nazi led systemic holocaust in Europe did that resulted in the deaths of an estimated 6,000,000 Jews? Current riots are a dangerous step in that, the wrong direction.

What is happening on campuses today is Nazism reenacted. It puts America in an express lane to Holocaust II.           

Descendants of Americans who fought and those who died in World War II to free Europe from  anti-Semitism are now fighting in support of it. Territory from the river to the sea must be free – – – of anti-Semitism. For this to be Hamas must not just have a toothache, the tooth must be extracted.

Most of today’s rioters have no regard for the Bible, little comprehension of God, and no knowledge of the history of World War II. Disregard for each makes them easy prey to the misleading lies inspiring the current climate.

Prior to World War II there were riots in America supporting Nazism. They were so popular there was a rally in Madison Square Garden. One of our national heroes, Charles Lindbergh, expressed support for Nazism. There were marches in support of Nazism. What brought us back from outright internal disaster? It took World War II to awaken us and cause many rioters to join in the war to overthrow  Nazi Germany. Hopefully it won’t take anything that extreme to awaken us and let freedom ring not only in America, but also in Israel.