Hope Lives

Do you ever feel down, maybe alone, even depressed? If so, you are not alone. Several Bible characters expressed being low, very low. Numerous great leaders throughout history have experienced such dolefulness. There is a tonic for this condition. It consists of several components. The primary factor is the pledge of the Lord, “My spirit remains with you….” There are times you may not feel that He is, but He is. The writer of Hebrews referred to Jesus as the “forerunner” of believers. The Greek word translated forerunner is “prodromos” (6: 20). In secular use it referred to the pilot of the small ship from the home port sent out to guide an incoming ship to port. The pilot knew the home port, where the deep channels were as well as where the impediments were. Thus, he could guide the incoming vessel safely to the dock.

Jesus knows how to guide us safely to the port’s haven. He knows the safe channels as well as places posing shipwrecks.

A starting point in delivery from the doldrums is to acknowledge His presence regardless of your feelings. It might even help to acknowledge you don’t feel His presence. Remind yourself He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Thank Him for His presence regardless of your feelings.

King David admitted his depression several times. In Psalm 42 he acknowledge his efforts at recovery by making an admission: “Why are you cast down?”  He faced the fact and admitted it. He did not pretend to be a spiritual superhero by being pious and pretending he was never down. Admit it. God won’t get mad with you, He will understand and still love you. It is His nature, not your charm, that prompts Him to love you.

This action is a stimulus to hope. Hope isn’t a tenant in a heart that has never been broken. It resides in those that have been broken and then healed. It acts to inspire and renew. Its effect is emotionally healing.

There are only two places where there is no hope, heaven and hell. It is fulfilled in heaven, and impossible in hell. Admit the presence of the lord with you and hope will begin to emerge. Twice David cried out “Hope you in God.” Such open candor is an acknowledgment you trust God.

David declared “God is my rock.” Rocks don’t shift position, they are stable, so is Jesus. In this unstable world stable footing is needed.

In the Judean Desert rocks are often used as landmarks, like roadside signs on modern highways. Let Jesus be your stop sign when the way is hazardous. Let Him be your “Go” directional sign to show the way and time to act. Don’t neglect His “Caution” signs either. 

His directional signs can build your hope and hope overcomes your heavy heartedness. Hello Sonshine. Be gone ennui.