The Greek word translated “hope” literally means “a triumphant rejoicing confidence,” or “a happy certainty.” In Christ we have the happy certainty that God is at work in our tribulation.

The old Saxon word for hope combined two word meanings: “desire plus expectation.”  To hope is to have desire plus expectation.

The surest way to keep hope alive is found in the most commonly used word in the world. It is used in many languages. It is the Hebrew word “amen.” It is the word for “belief.” By concluding our prayers with it, we are affirming, “Lord, I believe.” Therein is hope.

The ancient word “amen” was used to signify a covenant commitment in which you agree with God. 

To be most effective this hope must be Christo-centric. Timothy expresses this in four all-inclusive words: “Christ Jesus our hope….” (I Timothy 1:1).