How to Be a World Class Nonconformist – Part Two

Romans 12:1-2

Jesus wants His followers to live a transformed life. The world wants to control your mind, so it exerts pressure from without. Jesus wants to control your mind, so He provided power from within. 

If the world controls how you think, you are being conformed. If the Holy Spirit controls your thinking, you are being transformed.

Isn’t it strange that those not controlled by Jesus often declare their rebellion against His will under the pretense of wanting to be free? Free?  They are instead conformists.

The Greek word translated “transformed” gives us our English word “metamorphosis.”  It indicates a total change. The change from a pupa in a cocoon to a butterfly is metamorphosis, a complete change. That is what God requires. The verb being present passive imperative, can be translated: “Stop allowing yourself to be conformed to the world, and start allowing yourself to be continually transformed.” This is in the passive voice which means it has to be done by someone else. That one is Jesus. 

This “renewing” isn’t accomplished by external restrictions, but by internal renovation.  This is both an act and a process. It is a life long, on-going process.

For this to be achieved we must “go on growing.” (II Peter 3:18)

Bible study, Scripture memorization, spiritual meditation, prayer, worship, sharing your faith, and fellowship with mature believers is essential. 

This change is as radical as a tadpole changing into a frog.

A believer’s life is to be conformed to be like Jesus. (Vss. 1 & 2)

The appeal to “present your bodies” is a command deserving a definite commitment to Him.

“Present,” translates the Greek paristemi. Para  meaning “along side of” or “by” and histemi meaning “to set” or “place.” When combined they mean to place yourself along beside someone to be an immediate source of help. It means to be at Christ’s disposal to help Him. We are to be at His disposal for Him to help the human race through us. 

This gift of our self is “acceptable,” well pleasing to God.

It is “reasonable.” That is, that which follows reason.

With the Holy Spirit within you there is nothing unreasonable about not letting the world squeeze you into its mold. It is a “service.” The Greek word translated “service,” is latreia which can be translated “worship.” Service is worship in action. Conversely, worship is service.

This is “good,” absolute good. It is good to you and for you. Thus, your Lord desires and designs good for you. Enjoy the challenge. Present your body as a living sacrifice daily, hourly, minute by minute. The logical result of a saved soul is a renewed mind, a submissive will, and a consecrated body.