How to Let Others See Jesus in You

I Thessalonians 1: 1 – 10

Reflect on this graphic in considering your relationship in the Lord, if you are a Christian. Use your imagination and draw the following on the chalkboard of your mind, or better still, draw it on paper.

Draw a large circle. The circle represents the will of God. In the center of that circle draw an “X.” Outside the circle draw 0. The X represents you, the 0 the devil. Now draw a straight line from the 0 to the X in the circle. The line represents an attack by Satan on the believer. Note the line representing a satanic attack goes through the circle, the will of God. Any attack by Satan levied against you must come through the circle. It is by no means the absolute will of God, but His permissive will. That means there is purpose in the attack that can result in God enabling you to be victorious, and strengthened thereby. 

Scripture notes that before God could give Joseph his dream He tested his character. If Satan’s line is drawn through the circle of God’s character, He is allowing you to be tested to prove your character and get ready for other victories.

From Satan’s perspective it is a trial designed for your failure. From God’s viewpoint it is a test to prove your worthiness. To enable you to endure the test, God “gives you grace and peace” in advance. (Vss. 1, 2)

The Greek word for grace, charia, was used as a reference to “that which causes joy.” Used as social grace it means favor and kindness.  God gives it.

This enables us to rejoice always. Jesus has promised to be with us always, making it possible for us to rejoice always.

To face these tests faith is essential. We live by faith. The only variable is the object of our faith.

A light that doesn’t glow.

A stream that doesn’t flow.

A seed that doesn’t grow.

All are analogous to a faith that doesn’t show.

According to the text, love for our Lord makes us willing to “labor.” There are two words for labor. “Ergon” may be pleasant and stimulating. “Kopos” succumbs to no fatigue and spares no energy. That is what enables us to labor and deal with trials.

We are assured by the text in it all God guides that we can have hope. Hope is not passive endurance, but active perseverance. It enables survivors not only to survive, but to thrive and triumph.

For this we must, as they, receive the “word.” It is worth noting they received it “in much affliction, with joy…” (Vs. 10) Under “pressure” they received the “word” and their associated “power” and “assurance.” As a result, with all sorts of lines drawn through the circle representing God’s character, they became good “examples.”  The Authorized King James appropriately translates the word “ensample.” An example is depicted by striking a soft malleable plate of wax with your wrist. When removed, that which remains is an example of the fist. When we have an experience with Jesus, what should remain in us is an ensample of Jesus. Without the tests that could never happen.

Let others see Jesus in you.