If God Be for Us… And He Is! Part Three

Romans 8: 31

In earlier verses in Romans 8 we are assured circumstances can’t defeat us because God works them together for our good.

Having dealt with the “what” that might afford us obstacles, He now deals with the “who” that might oppose us.

If God be for us, who can possibly succeed against us? Who can prevail against God?

The little word “If” does not imply any doubt about God being for us. In Greek it is first class meaning “If, and it is so.” Literally, it means “since” or “because.”

Notice your support team.

The Father is so obviously for you He gave His Son (8:32).

The Son is so very much for you He intercedes (8:34).

The Holy Spirit is so strongly for us He helps our weaknesses (8:26).

And together they work all things together for our good (8:28).

As proof He is for us God gave His only begotten Son (8:32).

“For us” speaks of substitutionary atonement. He died on our behalf. There was a spiritual crisis facing mankind and God the Father didn’t hesitate to send His Son to resolve it. 

God the Father loved us enough when we were His enemies that He gave us His Son. Now that we are His children by spiritual adoption He will “freely give us all things.” (8:32c)

What He did on the cross He did for His enemies. What He does for us now He does for His friends.

Have you ever been falsely accused? Hurts doesn’t it?  Some people even condemn us and that is painful. However, our emotional equilibrium is maintained if we realize the only one with the authority to condemn us has forgiven us. Jesus is depicted as being seated at the right hand of the Father. There is a new PC translation of the Bible out that removes all reference to the “right hand of God” for fear of offending left handed people. In doing so they miss a very important truth. In the Sanhedrin, the Supreme Court of Jesus day, two priests sat, one on each side of the High Priest. The one on the left wrote bills of condemnation. The one on the right wrote bills of acquittal. Jesus is depicted as being the one Who forgives. However, Christ’s work on the cross condemns those who reject Him. It is He Who condemns.

When your life is entrusted to Him for time and eternity it is kept for eternity and in time.