Liberation From Your Limitations – Part Four

Exodus 14: 26 – 31

Fear is an enslaving emotion. It can even border on terrorizing. In reality it often proves itself to be a shadow not worthy of responding.

We all experience fear. It’s a normal emotion that keeps us safe from dangerous situations. However, a phobia isn’t just being startled and then going on with your day. It’s something bigger, a much more extreme fear. If your fear is abnormal it is often a good idea to seek God’s help through a professional counselor. Fear holds many persons captive. Jesus Christ who repetitiously said to His followers, “Fear not” wants to set you free from your enslaving fear.

The God who said to Abraham, “Fear” also comforted the lonely Isaac in the desert as he dug wells. The disturbed heart of Jacob was comforted by these words when his son Joseph was missing somewhere in Egypt. On the opposite bank of the sea the Lord through Moses comforted the people with the Word of God: “And Moses said unto the people, fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will show you today.” Those two words “fear not” are part of your Christian inheritance.

The God who said, “Let there be light…” has said to you, His child, “fear not.” The God who is bigger than space and beyond time has spoken and He said “fear not.”

Repetitiously, in the Bible we are urged to live without fear. The Greek word for fear is “phobos”. When it appears with “a” before it, the translation is “without fear” or “fearless”. The Old English use of the “less” means minus.

Phobias are fears which have festered. They are numerous. A new one of which I just heard is “rackeybuteriaphobia.” It is the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of the mouth.

How is it best to deal with fear? Take these steps.

Admit it.

Identify it.

Analyze it.

Isolate it.

Address your fear head-on. Do this by:

Praying about it. Give it to God.

Search the Scriptures regarding it.

Talk to mature, understanding friends about it.

Saturate your mind with Bible promises about it.

Make direct application of Scripture to it.

Resolve to demonstrate faith in fighting it.

Envision the dead body of your fear on the seashore – dead.

It will help you do this if you realize what fear is. I John 4:18 identifies fear as the punishment for not trusting God. Faith is simply confidence in God’s character. When you have confidence in the character of the One who has said “fear not” you love Him and this casts fear out.

Join King David who said, “What time I am afraid I will trust the Lord.”