Love: For Whose Sake

The Greek word for discipline is “gymnazio.” From it we get our word gymnasium. It is a place for conditioning. 

Nothing, nothing, of value is acquired without discipline. Don’t be afraid of solitude, quietness, being alone with God. Discipline yourself to spend time with Him.

John Wooden, the eminently successful basketball coach at UCLA during their dynasty years, was asked his secret of success.  He said: “We master the basics. We drill over and over on the fundamentals.” Love is a basic to drill on.

Bernard of Clairvaux, one of the most important people of the Middle Ages, who said, “I have three great desires of my soul: to remember God, to contemplate God, and to love God.”

Love has four applications.

* Loving self for self’s sake.

* Loving God for self’s sake.

* Loving God for God’s sake.

* Loving self for God’s sake.

Evaluate the desires of Clairvaux and how they are to be applied in your life.

Then consider for whose sake you love God. Meditate on God and His love.