Making the Impossible Possible

The story of David’s conquest of the city of Jebus (Jerusalem) is intriguing. The city walls were so formidable and well fortified the inhabitants said they could man their walls with the blind and lame and defeat David.

To prevail, some new approach was necessary. To provide water for the city in times of conflict a shaft was dug allowing water to be brought safely into the city. David found the shaft now bearing the name of the archeologist, Charles Warren, who excavated the area in the early 19th century. This is believed to be the shaft mentioned in II Samuel 5.

Joab, one of David’s soldiers, scaled up the shaft into the city and without being detected opened the gates of the city. David’s army rushed through the open gates and conquered the city from within.

After the conquest David further developed the city which became Jerusalem, the City of David.

There are things you can do, things others can do, and things no one can do.

David did what seemed to be a number three. One or more of these three are faced everyday by all persons. The thing at issue is deciding which applies to what a person is considering doing.

Upon deciding if a thing is something you can and should do, seek for a way to do even the seemingly impossible. Don’t waste your time doing what someone else can do or what no one can do. 

Start with a “show me Lord” attitude and continue with a resolute will. The Lord will never give you something to do He won’t give you the ability to do. Resolutely pray for God’s guidance regarding issues small and great. Don’t kid yourself and don’t doubt God.

An unproductive effort may prove you have misunderstood God’s will and instead of the activity being something you should do it is a number two or three. If so, and after a wholehearted unproductive effort, put in the capable hands of God with whom all things are possible, and  seek His will regarding an effort He has for you.

Faith is an integral part of all undertakings. Jesus spoke of having faith and moving mountains. Most believers have done what He was teaching without realizing it. In the era in which He was speaking impossible things were called mountains. A person who had the ability to resolve issues and solve problems was called a “Mountain mover.” A person who had faith that enabled a problem to be solved was a “Mountain mover.”

Buckle up your faith and go let God help you move a mountain. David did.

“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” (Job 42: 2)