It is time to rally around your favorite school’s mascot and cheer the team on to “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y.”

I love creative mascots. Lions, Tigers, Gators, Devils, Wildcats, Bulldogs, Yellow Jackets, etc. are all good but lack creativity that sets them apart. Consider the challenge afforded cheerleaders for the following schools.

Rosemont College in Pennsylvania surely must have rose and white as their colors to go along with their nickname of the Rosemonsters. There is an oxymoron for you. I wonder if their cry is “Prick “um thorns.”

The Banana Slugs of the University of California, Santa Cruz pose a challenge for creative cheers. That reminds me of the snail who drove a supped-up sports car with a big “S” on each door and the hood. When asked why he said he was tired of hearing how slow he was as a snail and wanted to hear them say, “Look at that “S’ car go.”

Right here in Atlanta Oglethorpe University has a clever and aggressive mascot, the Storming Petrels. Looking up a definition of a petrel you will find it is an ocean bird known as Mother Carey’s chicken. It also means one whose coming portends trouble and strife. Translated, “We’re gonna whip you.” With all the bird mascots in Atlanta it is really a very good one.

The Dustdevils of Texas A & M International University in Laredo would meet a formidable opponent in the Golden Gusties of Gustavus Adolphus.

From Cairo, Georgia come the Syrup Makers with their syrup bottles filled with rattling coins.

A contest for the weakest image might feature the Alices from Vincennes High in Indiana against the Morsels of Morse College.

My alma mater had a lion as its mascot. A student contest was conducted to name our new lion. Our school colors were green and gold like Green Bay. Lions are sort of golden color so someone suggested painting a green dotted line down the back of the lion and naming him “Tarealong.” You know, “Tarealong the Dotted Lion.” Fortunately, Roomie won out as the final name. Roomie was a popular biology prof and SEC football official. His untimely death gave the name an advantage.

The Thunder Chickens of Berkeley California intimidates opponents by playing bagpipes. Surely not “Amazing Grace.” However, can bagpipes play anything else?

Delta State University conducted a student poll to select a PC mascot. They decided on “The Fighting Okra.” Wait until the Okra Growers Society hears about that. That is a slippery issue. You can get mugs, T-shirts, hats and other inspiring paraphernalia. Delta State is located in the Mississippi Delta which is popular cotton country. I can’t imagine how okra beat out cotton. How about the Blazing Boll Weevils? They would make a great bowl team.

The most shocking one is the Zizzers of West Plains High School in Missouri. They are represented by a lightening bolt.

To all, regardless of the name by which you are know: “GO TEAM!”