Many people have a deep dark secret which if known publicly would be embarrassing. Only one other know of it but what a memory that source has!

The secret is a fascination with pornography. The one keeping a record of it is the computer. It is an epidemic destroying relations. Persons engaged in it are absorbed in a fantasy world while they ought to be building personal relations in the real world. “The Centerfold Syndrome” results in a person staring at bodies not developing a relationship. In reality it destroys relationships. Few wives or girl friends can compete with an airbrush image.

The sources of it as reported by “The New York Times” is surprising. They reported that General Motors “sells more graphic sex films every year than does Larry Flynt, owner of the “Hustler” empire. The same source reported that AT&T, NewsCorp, and AOL Time Warner make more profit peddling porn that “Playboy” does. Marriot, Hilton, and other famous named motels are in pornography in a large way.

Pornographic web sites are the third largest source of revenue on the Internet. Overall “U.S. News and World Report” indicates porn is an $8 billion a year industry.

Pornography is a trap. Traps are always baited with what appeals to the prey. It may not be addictive but it is habituating and progressive. The sooner a person gets out the more misery they spare themselves and potentially others. It begins with fantasizing and progresses to acting out the fantasy often on some unwilling victim.

Dr. Victor Cline, a researcher at the University of Utah, lists four progressive steps involved. The progression starts with simple exposure. Escalation is the next step. Harder and more shocking material is needed to get the same sexual buzz. Desensitization follows. What was once shocking becomes, in time, acceptable and normal. The fourth step is acting out. There is an increased tendency to act out what has been viewed on a victim.

I spoke on this recently and after the talk a person urged me to speak on it more often saying her cousin was one of those eaten by Jeffery Dormer whose perversion started with porn addiction. He did not start out to be the beast he became but devolved into it.

An interesting conclusion can be reached regarding porn based on a remark by the late British author G.K. Chesterton. Chesterton’s statement suggests that every person looking for pornography is actually engaged in a search for God. I can hear the responses, “That is ludicrous. The last thing a person viewing porn is looking for is God. They are looking for naked bodies; sex kicks.” Naturally it is not a conscious effort but it is based on a need to fill a hole in the soul.

A 12 year old absorbed in porn hinted at this principle when she said, “I was risking part of myself to entertain the other part of myself.”

Make a covenant with your eyes not to set any evil things before them.

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