Spiritual Bankruptcy

The last word in the Old Testament is “curse.” It is fitting that the New Testament should begin with “Blessed.”

Moses, on a mountain some years before, accompanied by lightning and thunder left humankind under a terrifying condemnation. Now Jesus Christ on a mountainside speaks from one of the most effective natural altars on earth so all can hear truths that thrill – – – –


His message is called the Sermon on the Mount. He spoke of eight qualities leading to happiness. The first was “Blessed are the poor in spirit…” (Matthew 5:3)

I rejoice with those who know and experience the truth of which Christ spoke and who are truly poor in spirit, but rich in the faith. To be poor in spirit means to bring ego under control and enthrone a spirit filled temperament. “Blessed,” “Congratulations,” “Joyous,” “Fulfilled,” “Well-being” is the person in whose heart God dwells.

There has never been a supremely happy egotist. The cavernous capacity of a narcissist for recognition is like a bottomless pit. The consuming lust for self-elevating flattery depletes one’s friends.

Jesus said true happiness is not dependent on externals, but internal values. Faith is superior to circumstances. The rewards for faith are promised to those who are financially rich or poor.

We have our values confused. The world is like a storefront window in which some prankster has changed price tags and put the cheap prices on the wrong things.

We are all poor in spirit whether we acknowledge it and deal with it or not. One must be poor in spirit to be happy, regardless of finances. Those who readily admit it and become reliant on the Lord for spiritual riches are those blessed. To be candid, if you get too big for your britches, you will be exposed in the end.

The poor (PTOCHOS) are beggars of God who can make them blessed (MACARIA). He can give to the poor in spirit all that they require and desire. That is true happiness.

Acknowledgment of spiritual bankruptcy is the beginning of spiritual nobility. This poverty of spirit results in reliance on Christ.

The poor in spirit realize themselves to be conductors of praise on its way to the supreme source — Christ.

In unconditional surrender the assets of the victor, Jesus, become those of the one surrendering, you. 

This is an opportune moment for you to acknowledge your spiritual poverty by humbling yourself before the Lord, begging His forgiveness, and asking His enrichment.