Spread Cheer Anonymously

Do something nice for someone today and be sure not to get caught.

Don’t you like it when someone does something nice for you unexpectedly? Most people do. If you do, you are not very different from others who would also. So, go out there today and make someone feel good. Don’t do it to gain favor or something in return. Think of someone you would like to give a lift anonymously. Remember, don’t get caught doing it.

Don’t be like the wealthy church member whose church was having a fundraiser and he said, “I would like to give $50,000 anonymously.”

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote, “…we’re only doing what we were formed by nature to do, so why should we need recognition for helping.” When the doing of an act is more gratifying than any compliment that follows that is true kindness.

When a person feels noticed and appreciated in their own persona they are instantly empowered. Empower someone today. They may be out of power.

My wife was going through the checkout line in the grocery store recently and as she paid the clerk handed her a bouquet of roses. When my wife said she didn’t get them or pay for them the clerk said, “I know, the lady who checked out before you paid for them and said they are for you.” My wife caught up with her in the parking lot to thank her and asked if she knew her. The lady said she didn’t know my wife, she just wanted to brighten her day. It did. They parted without exchanging names, but both feeling good about the interchange.

The greatest giver of all, our Lord Jesus, said it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Seneca affirmed this saying the payoff for a good deed is in the act itself, not in what comes after.

Research even suggests that altruism can improve your attitude and make you healthier, happier, and less stressed.

I had one intended anonymous act backfire on me. While doing my own yard work one day I thought how nice it would be to have someone stop and help. A few days later I passed a person I did not know putting out pine straw in flower beds. I circled back, got out and offered to help, which I did, but the whole time he looked fearful at someone who would do that. He never knew who I was.

Remember the operative word is “kindness” not “anonymous.” However when anonymous a sense of well being results. Surely it is a blessing to the recipient, but not as much so as the doer.                     

Jesus was a proponent of acts of anonymous kindness noting, “…do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” (Matthew 6: 4).