The Art of Self-Examination – Part Three

In examining yourself do it as:

A military officer reviewing his troops, not from a distant mountain top, but closely.

As a lawyer cross-examines a witness.

As a hiker does the country through which he walks.

“Do you not know yourselves”

“Prove yourselves”. Every life can stand self-examination but not every life can stand and give proof. Our works can’t save us, but they can show proof we are saved.

Some Christians have difficulty accepting the fact they are saved. Why?

Some have a consistently gloomy nature. The person who habitually looks on the dark side of everything will also look at salvation in the same manner.

Some have physical problems. Some persons associate salvation with physical wholeness and because they are not physically well they have questions about their own salvation.

Some overestimate the conditions and circumstances associated with salvation. They know they have put their faith in Christ and have experienced a change but are suspicious that it is not right because it was not like some other person’s emotional state at the time of salvation. As it does not matter where and how a blind person gains sight so the physical circumstances in which we are saved varies and matters not.

Some assume false standards of Christian character. They read great biographies and assume they must be like those people. Thus, they overlook that the authors omit the flaws in personalities and character of many of these saints. They conclude they should be flawless also.

Take this test as to whether or not you are “in the faith.”

Do you love the Lord Jesus? Not just the good things He gives you, but do you love Him?

Do you have faith in Jesus as Savior – not merely superficial acclaim, but deep personal trust related to His forgiveness?

Have you sincerely repented of sin?

Do you love to obey Jesus and seek to obey His word?

Every person ought to give serious thought to this issue and make certain they are right with the Lord. Self-examination is essential. The blessings are certain.