The Beatitudes Part 3: Enjoy Your Inheritance

Note: This post is part three in a series of eight posts on the Beatitudes.


A person is not meek because he can’t help himself, but because he is confident in eternal resources.

The Hebrew word for meek “anaw” depicts a malleable person, one who out of love is open to divine guidance, submitted to authority.

The Greek word for meek “praus” was used to describe a horse who was reined and can be led.

It was also used of Roman soldiers who were under the control of their superior officers. They were described by this term indicating they were under control of their commander.

When used relating to a Christian, it means they are under the control of Jesus.

The promise is they shall be blessed.  Adjusted and stable are the persons who bring their drives under the control of Jesus.  Blessedness lies in character.

Reality reveals that not everyone is going to have an abundance of physical goods.  Therefore, we must either find a different basis for happiness or have a lot of unhappy people.  Attitude is the arena in which the battle for happiness is won or lost.

Meek means to calm that which is irritated or excited and bring it under control.  It enables one to avoid a hot head or cold feet by maintaining a warm heart for Christ.  It refers to mastery by the Master.

To be meek is to be under Jesus’ control, to be teachable, coachable, responsive to His rules.

It is not an encouragement to cowering conduct. “Moses was very meek, above all the men which were the face of the Earth.” (Numbers 12:3) 

Jesus was “meek and lowly of heart.” (Matthew 11:28-30)  Yet, He clashed with the Pharisees until the sparks flew. 

Such persons inherit the earth. The word translated “inherit” means to enjoy.  If persons possess certain legal rights, they enjoy them.  To inherit the earth is to possess it.  To possess it is to enjoy it.  In light of this the spiritually meek are wealthy. I own: Jekyll Island, the Montana mountains, Marshes in Louisiana, the craggy coast of Oregon…. My inheritance has made me wealthy.

What one inherits represents the work of another.  What the Christian inherits is what is Christ’s.  When you have Christ in your heart, you have what is Christ’s. 

The meek, that is, persons who are Jesus-tamed, are Jesus-tempered and have the ability to enjoy their inheritance, the earth. Enjoy your inheritance today.