The Emergence Of Evil

Evil is a word that has almost been lost from our language. President Reagan called Russia the “Evil Empire” and was criticized.

The word has had a second coming lately. President Bush has referred to the terrorist actions as “evil deeds.” To use language of our youth: “Right on Mr. President.” There is no other word for these terrorists actions.

However, that is the same word used by zealots who oppose America. In every religions there are extremist who exploit their faith and dishonor their founder. There are many Moslems who disagree with actions of Moslem extremist. This is especially true of American Moslems. It would be encouraging to hear more of them being more vocal in opposition to the evil being done under the guise of Islam.

There are twenty military conflicts going on in the world right at this time. Eighteen of them involve Islamic societies. Not all is peaceful in that world. American’s have shed blood in defense of Islamic governments, such as, in Somalia and Bosnia. We get no credit in the Moslem world for these actions favoring them.

Members of the Islamic community must concede there is a significant extremists element exploiting their faith as a shield for their evil deeds.

Osama bin Laden said it is his religious duty to seek weapons of mass destruction.

Saddam Hussein said he has given his life to serve Allah. Over the past months he has donated more than 50 pints of blood. It is not for use of the needy in his country. It has been given to be mixed with an ink base and used to write the Koran. Under the umbrella of his faith he continues to develop weapons of mass destruction to ultimately be used in initiating further evil deeds.

Now comes the appeal for us to halt military action during Ramadan. Iran and Iraq fought through several periods of Ramadan. Mohammed even fought through it. He raided caravans around Medina to start his movement and stopped for nothing. It has not been uncommon for Moslems to fight during the holiday season.

Our president is right, this is not a fight with Islam or the Moslem people. Unfortunately those against which this war is waged are hiding behind that shield. Therefore, it is being sold to the Moslem world as America opposing Islam. Or as Mohammed called Christians and Jews, “People of the Book,” fighting Islam.

Evil is a word used in the Moslem world for America. Our movies, music, manner of dress, and entertainment are thought to be evil. Elements of each are. In general what we call progress is undesired by Islamic extremists. They have been taught to do everything as Mohammed did. That even includes what fingernail to cut first and how. Their traditions are very defined. Western civilization is thought to be alien to such a life style and therefore evil. These extremists (note I didn’t say all Moslems) hate Western society because they believe it is evil. That very hatred is the evil resulting in terrorist activities.