The Four Horsemen of the Revelation

With conditions in the world as they are, people are asking more than ever about the end times, especially for people of faith. There is no unanimity regarding the meaning of the symbols in the Bible  Book of the Revelation regarding the end time. Having read volumes on the book, I know there is great diversity of meaning regarding the symbols.

The Revelation employs allegory, metaphors, illustrations, and symbols to reveal life in the end times. Four horsemen appear with the opening of the first of four of the seven seals. They bring forth the cataclysm of the apocalypse. These four figures in the Revelation symbolize the evils to come at the end of the world.

Without much notice there has been a lot of stirring in the Apocalypse stable lately. These four horsemen are mentioned in the Bible book of the Revelation chapter 6. It is a colorful stable. This first listing following is my figurative way of indicating the readiness of these events to transpire.

The first horseman is preparing to mount the white horse. 

The second horseman is putting a saddle on a red horse.

The third horseman has a bridle in his hand well-fitted for the black horse.

The fourth horseman named Death will be riding an ashen color horse.

Now the Bible’s symbolic meaning of the four.

The first horseman wears a crown and carries a sword. He represents conquest by consolidation resulting from war. He deceptively mimics Jesus’ actions. In reality he is the Anti Christ. After three and one half years in power, he wages war against the saints.

The second horseman riding the red horse represents war. Violence and bloodshed are symbolized by the sword. What if all the world’s hot spots currently threatening peace all broke out at once. Korea, Russia, China, and Iraq are examples.

The third horseman, the black horse, carries a balancing scale representing famine. The head of the World Food Program announced at the UN we are “…on the brink of a hunger pandemic that may result in 270 million people facing a crisis level of hunger or worse.” 

In the event of a serious crop failure, no part of the world is more than one year away from critical starvation and the rich U.S. is only two years away.

The fourth horseman riding an ashen horse is named Death. He represents plague, a pandemic like no other. “One-fourth of the people on earth die.” Currently, that’s about 2 billion people. This is an incredible amount of death. It’s estimated that only 100 million have died in all of the wars on earth to date!

Now the good news. After all that some good news is welcomed.

Christians are raptured, taken up, prior to the horsemen riding rampart. However, current world conditions are more ideal than ever as a prelude to this.

Just before the four horsemen appear in Revelation 6, Jesus is depicted as holding the title deed to earth in Revelation chapter 5. Jesus said that Satan is now the god of our world. Revelation is the story of how Jesus comes back to get the title deed to His world back.