The Hamas Covenant

It is imaginative to think the forces in Gaza and those in Israel will ever be at peace. It simply never would be, never. One will inevitably best the other. The time has come that when provoked they decide it is their time to prevail. Several times they have tried to establish a tolerable existence, but have had their hand slapped every time they have tried.

World War II American General George Paton got it right when he said, “War is hell.” It has now surfaced.

When the good day comes this conflict is over and the festered evil is revealed that will be Israel’s hour of vindication in the eyes of most logical people. It will then be obvious the horror of war was enjoined in order to prevent a greater evil and far more deaths and destruction. If Israel’s actions preempt such devastation they will be worth the grievous cost of their efforts. If that scenario plays out then the uninvolved nations who have demurred will have cause to have a collective conscience — a guilty conscience.

When this war is over Israel’s national leaders will be vindicated and their military efforts validated. More importantly a sinister evil will have been averted.

One of the most valuable forms of support is prayer. Through the millennia the outcome of more than one war has been determined by what insurance policies refer to as “an act of God.” Let’s ask the Lord for His divine guidance.

A friend who was a general in the Persian Gulf War introduced me to the term “mag force.” It refers to using the maximum force to achieve the maximum result. Israel’s military is using it. We here at home need to employ mag force in trying to pull our nation together and make it more cohesive in this difficult time.

The Islamic Resistance Movement, known as Hamas first released their Covenant August 18, 1988. It is a comprehensive manifesto which actively promotes the annihilation of Israel by means of Jihad.

The preamble of the Covenant is unequivocal in its declaration of the destruction saying, “Israel exists and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.”

Israel was provoked into attempting to preempt a new holocaust in the only way possible.

Article eight of the Covenant serves as a slogan for Hamas, “Jihad is its path.” Further resolve is contained in the Covenant: “Initiatives, proposals, international conferences, are all a waste of time, and vain effort.”

Within the hoard that has streamed across our border it is highly likely there are sinister forces bent on injuring America and making us vulnerable to a greater evil. It is so likely we need now to pray for divine guidance.

Make no mistake this is a holy war being fought over a contested territory, but the holy aspect is primary. Americans, especially Christians need to earnestly engage in the conflict by praying. Our interest is very much at risk.