The Inauguration Of “W”

I could not believe what “W” did at the Presidential Inauguration. He had some audacity to say he couldn’t begin without a prayer. He then got specific and spoke of “…that Almighty Being who rules over the universe, who presides in the councils of nations….”

How out of touch can one president be? How very un-PC.

Having attended and participated in a presidential inauguration I know something of the order and decorum. Every word is virtually scripted and goes in the history book. Such a statement will stand out in the history of our country.

The idea of prayer is one thing. However, the idea of an Almighty Being who rules and presides is something else. With all efforts to remove God from society and promote evolution this is beyond the veil.

Wasn’t “W” aware of the intent of our forefathers to squelch religion in the public arena. For the president of all the people to bring religion into such a solemn ceremony is unconscionable. Did he not think there might be some people offended by such provincial thinking?

You would think he would have known better. At the age of 15 he studied and hand wrote a copy of the “110 Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.” Such principles should have had formative influence that would have lasted.

The idea of having the Bible open right there on the platform between the 49th and 50th chapters of Genesis was a bold act. However, to kiss the Bible and reverently say: “So – help – me – God” is a bit much.

What most folks have overlooked is this statement included in the “New York Daily Advertiser” announcing a prayer meeting to be held the morning of the inauguration: “As we believe in an overruling Providence and feel our constant dependence upon God for every blessing, so it is undoubtedly our duty to acknowledge Him in all our ways and commit our concerns to His protection and mercy.”

For a president to have personal faith in God is one thing but should he be so public about it?

The coup de gras involved his party going to St. Paul’s Church after the inauguration for another prayer meeting led by one of the chaplains of Congress..

It is well chronicled that “W” believes in prayer. It is also known he goes to bed early, often around 9:00 PM. Staff members have seen him before retiring on his knees with the Bible open praying. During the war he has been seen to have done so frequently. Most persons would concede that such private practice of devotion is acceptable. To some it may seen an act of weakness, however.

Well, “W” was bold about his faith. Oh, in case you were thinking of a different “W” the one referenced here is George “W,” as in Washington that is. The wars were the French and Indian and the Revolutionary wars. All references to events at the inauguration occurred April 30, 1789, in New York with the exception of the post-inaugural prayer meeting have been perpetuated by every president since.

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