The Urgency of Self-Discipline

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.”  II Timothy 1:7

When the two Greek words used here, sodzo and phroneo, are compounded into one word, they form the word sophroneo, which pictures a mind that has been delivered, rescued, revived, salvaged, and protected and is now safe and secure. Thus, even if your mind is tempted to give in to fear, you can allow God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to work in you to deliver, rescue, revive, and salvage your mind. This means your rationale, logic, and emotions can be shielded from the illogically absurd, ridiculous, unfounded, and crazy thoughts that have tried to grip your mind in the past. All you have to do is grab hold of God’s Word and His Spirit.

Sophroneo has the idea of a calm, self-controlled mind, in contrast to the panic and confusion that rushes in when in a fearful situation. Many versions of the Bible properly translated it self-discipline.

When Christ is in control we are truly under control. He gives us the capacity of controlling ourselves in the face of PANIC or PASSION. 

In matters of PANIC, He can keep us from running away.

In matters of PASSION, He can keep us from being swept away.

We must treat ourselves as a force which needs controlling —-

* A collection of energy needing direction.

* A composite of emotions that must be managed.

* A combination of appetites that have to be curbed.

Avoid these mind mines by:

Developing a strategy, what to do to discipline your mind.

Run every thought through a final filter, what will go through.

Reset your attitude to a positive pure standard.

The Bible speaks of seeking His face, meaning to seek His will.

You are in spiritual warfare. You are in a battle that all of God’s children fight (see Ephesians 6:12). Make up your mind not to give up! According to Colossians 3:2, set your mind on things above and keep it set!

Some people have a struggle with improper thoughts. There is an ancient thought that is relevant. You can’t keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building their nest in your mind.

This is time for decision. 

“CHRONOS” is a Greek word for running time. It is used for clocking the length of time required for something.

There is another Greek word for time, KAIROS. It refers to a decisive time, a moment that requires an important decision. KAIROS is linked with the idea of responsibility. KAIROS, time has come. Seize the moment, take advantage of this opportunity to act responsibly. Here and now determine to exercise self-discipline, employ the power Jesus has given you and develop a well disciplined life.