Three Games We Play

Growing up we played three games:

1. You are. 2. I wish. 3. I am.

As children we hear it all the time: you are slow or you are fast, you are dumb or you are smart, you are good looking or you are ugly, etc. Children begin to believe the descriptions they hear most, and their conduct shows it.

We progress with time to play “I wish.” “I wish I were as good looking as Kim.” “I wish I were as smart as Evan.” “I wish I were as rich as Francis.”

We are bound by these self imposed shackles.  

Only when we began to play the third game do we feel fulfilment, contentment, and peace of mind. Only when you accept the fact and play, “I am.” “I am the product of the creative hand of a loving God. I am the only me, an original. I am loved by Almighty God who wants a relationship with me. I accept His terms of identity by faith and trust His will over my life. I am the child of the all knowing, all wise, all loving God.

“I am the wonderful me He created me to be, and I am resolutely committed to becoming all He created me with the capacity to be.” Then, YOU WIN.