Trust in the Lord

“You will keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you.” (Isaiah 26:3)

This text relates to this hour of uncertainty. Practice the principle and enjoy the peace.

Solomon used the Hebrew word “batach” for trust. It is a word meaning complete surrender. It literally meant to lie helpless, face down. It pictures a servant who is ready to obey his master’s command, or a defeated soldier completely yielding to the conquering general. Thus, trust means to yield to our Lord, ready to serve Him. It means to be reliant on Him.

The person whose mind is on God is promised peace. A mind stayed on Him is one mindful of God and His word and is consistently reliant on Him. It is not an on again – off again, herky-jerky type of reliance.

The option to not trust Him may result in the clouds that overshadow you swooping in and shrouding you with confusion.

Those who trust the Lord are promised “perfect peace,” not just peace, but perfect peace. There is a bonus, He will “keep you in perfect peace.” It is an ongoing thing. It comes from a calm confidence in the Lord.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5) 

Trusting God with all your heart causes some people anxiety, fearful that though they desire to do so there may be some reservation. Trust in God with all your heart refers to a heart that does not purposely and knowingly reject God’s will. Relax if there is no deliberate mistrust of God in your heart.

A person leaning on a cane for support is a picture of a person trusting God.

When we acknowledge to Him our ways, He guides us in His ways.

If there is a current event causing you anxiety, mentally take it to the Lord, submit yourself to Him, tell Him you trust Him to take charge and relieve you of responsibility for it. Before concluding such a prayer pause and meditate on what you just did. Confirm it.

When you do, you will be “transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

If you were to ask a person to do a certain thing within a given time, and when they went to do it they would find it already done by you. That person might well conclude he didn’t trust me to do it in that he did it himself. Likewise, in this case if you ask the Lord to relieve you of a matter and He were to see you have continued doing it would give the Lord cause to feel you didn’t trust Him. Don’t send Him such a signal.

In all of life He has you in training for service and rewards. Let Him use your circumstance to allow you to demonstrate your trust of Him. Life is your school house. The circumstance you are confronting is your lesson for today.

A better understanding of trust is found in synonyms for it: assurance, confidence, certainty, dependence, reliance, and sureness. 

Never be afraid to trust an unknown situation to a knowing, loving God. Pray and leave the worrying to God. He can handle it.

He is trustworthy. You can put your whole life in His hand. Trust Him to do what He knows is best, and at a time He knows is best. God has it all figured out —- trust Him.