Tsunamis And End Times: Part 1

There is a new fear fomenting in minds. The operative word is tsunami. Is America in danger? Yes, as is just about every country with a coast line. The timing of a cataclysmic tsunami isn’t possible but the potentials are in place.

Tsunamis are an explanation of a normally over looked prophecy. Much consideration is given to prophecies regarding earthquakes, pestilence, and famine. However, little attention is given to the statement regarding “the sea and waves roaring” (Luke 21:25). The recent tsunami in Asia explains it.

Historically there have been more than are generally realized. A classic example occurred around 1,650 BC when a volcano erupted in the Mediterranean Sea on the island of what is now Santorini. It had the power of 150 atomic bombs the size of the ones dropped on Japan. About 7 cubic miles of magma was erupted sending a philian column 23 miles into the sky. The tidal wave washed over the shores of the countries of the entire Mediterranean basin. The Minoan civilization on Crete was destroyed. There are no ancient records noting the total impact of the explosion.

Currently everyone thinks of the West Coast of America when a tsunami is considered. The long large Cascadia fault off the California and Oregon costs makes it a candidate for a devastating tsunami to sweep the entire coast.

However what most aren’t aware of is the pending danger off our East Coast resulting from conditions in the Canary Islands. There the large ancient volcano Cumbre Vieja poses an even greater threat. It last erupted in 1949 leaving one side of this massive mountain separated from most of the land by six feet. Were an earthquake to cause it to break off and fall into the Atlantic it is estimated it would send a 50 foot wave that would impact the entire East Coast with only six hours warning. That is scarcely enough time for major cities to be evacuated.

The power at the disposal of Mother Nature to cause global disasters of biblical proportions is enough to cause one to think our Heavenly Father has something in store.

I heard a secular parody on radio recently of a conversation between the host and God. The host asked, “What’s with all these earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and fires?”

God replied, “I hate to be self promoting but I have a whole section in my book on it called “The Revelation.’ You should pickup a copy some time and read it.”

I have. I started reading it as an inquisitive child. I first thought it would take a big forest fire to destroy the earth by fire. Over the years I never doubted but questioned how some of the events described could ever happen. The advent of the atomic bomb began to open my youthful eyes. Now I have no doubt how such apocalyptic events can happen in an instant.

Consider some of the precursors to the big event. Wars and rumors of wars are noted. In the 20th Century there were over 200. In that same era over one million died from earthquakes. Global pestilence such as AIDS is killing millions with new diseases developing that are even more deadly. Starvation of masses is hinted at in that nearly 100,000 have starved in Africa in the last 10 years. Globally an estimated 10,000 starve daily.

In spite of all this I am still an optimist because I have read all the Book. I know how the story ends. For those with saving faith in Christ —- WE WIN!