What to Do When God Closes a Door – Part Two

Has God ever put you in a holding pattern? Why? Because He knows more than you and is concerned for your welfare. He wants you to make your connections.

God said, “Paul, your plans to go to Asia are out. Macedonia is your route. Don’t go East, go West, that’s the best.” Why? Because there were some connections about which God knew and Paul didn’t. You are one of those connections.

There is a reason why God rerouted Paul. God knew the territory into which Paul wanted to go was one day to be overrun by the Islamic hoards and the Christians killed off. Macedonia was on route to all the fertile fields of Europe. Beyond Europe was the mission field of England and Scotland. God knew what not even Columbus knew when he ventured westward. The door to the East was closed. The door to the West opened and eventually the gospel brought to America a land not even known of at the time God closed the Eastern door. Thank God He pointed Paul in the right direction.

How do you suppose Paul felt at the time it happened? Probably very much like you when God closes a door, frustrated.

Can we learn from Paul’s experience? Can we learn to trust God when confronted by closed doors?

Whether God’s plan UNFOLDS when your plan FOLDS depends on your interpretation of His prohibition. 

It is said of Paul he “concluding the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them” (Acts 16:10) they went to Macedonia. How did this unfold?

Luke said “a vision appeared to Paul” (Acts 16:9). Then Luke follows by saying, “…immediately we sought to go…” (Vs. 10).

Paul and Luke partnered in taking the gospel to Asia Minor. Leadership without fellowship is futile.

Paul could not have known for sure God’s will. He acted by faith and Luke followed by faith. That is how we live –by faith. We are saved by faith and we walk by faith not by sight. The Christian life is a faith walk.