When Life Caves In

It may appear that life’s circumstances have conspired against you. All roads may be dead ends and all alleys blind. That says nothing about you, only about conditions. Amid adversity it is affirming to reflect on the fact, “You are the object of God’s kindness.”

Christianity is an exciting adventure. It is not a matter of ups and downs, but of ins and outs. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Faithfulness and joy amid adversity result from incarnation, not just Christ, God incarnate in the historical Jesus, but Christ incarnate in you. There is a delightfully different thought. Biblically, Christ is spoken of as being in believers. Thus, he is represented as being incarnate (Gal. 2:20). This adds to your uniqueness. It evidences your favorable status. Therein is expressed his kindness to you.

A balloon’s ascent is not dependent upon its color, size, or shape.  What’s in it counts! If helium fills it, the result is different than if mere breath fills it. Helium is lighter than air. Resultantly, it will rise into the air. A helium-filled balloon takes on the characteristic of that which fills it. You, a believer, take on the quality of Christ when he is allowed to fill you. That is, when he controls you, life takes on his characteristics. You become identified with his traits. When he is in a person, that life becomes buoyant and rises above the winds of adversity.

As with the balloon, so with you, your color, size, and shape do not matter. Your looks, wealth, degrees, or pedigree matter not. Regardless, you are the object of God’s kindness. Rejoice! Fear not.

Don’t be like a window shopper who appreciates but never appropriates what is beheld. God’s Word was never meant for your scrutiny or mere study, but for your support. Accept the fact: You are an object of God’s kindness.

Your life may seem like a bad dream, but you are an object of God’s kindness. Life may be such a rat race that you are taking cheese flavored tranquilizers. But you are an object of God’s kindness.

Your hectic involvement may have you as bewildered as the person who was asked, “What do you think of civilization?” Perplexed, came the answer, “It’s great, why doesn’t somebody start it.” That may be your neighborhood. But you are the object of God’s kindness.

You may feel pursued by monsters whose heads and hands have outgrown their hearts. In this modern, mad-house you are an object of God’s kindness. Fear not!

The next time you get tied in fear knots, stop and reflect on God’s kindness. Forget it and remain bound. By applying basic Bible insights, life can gain stability.

“Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” Matthew 6: 26