Who Is the Egotist?

One person always extends self in an effort to accomplish things.

One never takes risks.

Which is an egotist and why?

To answer that question, consider this. What is a primary instinct of life? It is self-preservation. The ones who won’t take risks are engaged in self-interest. They are reluctant to take a risk for fear of failure. They want to be in control. They won’t take a risk for fear of embarrassment. They won’t stick out their neck. They are exercising egotism. 

The one who will take a chance and risk it all is thought to be egotistical, but is actually the opposite. This is the most humble of the two.

Are you willing to seek God’s will and act on it, knowing it has an element of risk. Doing so takes faith, resulting in confident conduct overcoming uncertainty. It is humbling self before the Lord. This is the meek one. Meekness was said to be a characteristic of a Spirit filled believer.

The word translated meek in Scripture is not used to describe a namby-pamby milk-toast person. It was used to describe a Roman soldier as one under control of a superior as being meek. It was also used of a wild stallion that had been broken and the reins put in the hands of a rider.  Are the reins of your life in the hands of your Master? Give him the reins, the control of your life.