Wooden Horses

According to ancient Greek history, the Trojan Horse allowed the war-weary Greeks to enter the city of Troy and finally win the Trojan war. Legend has it that the massive wooden horse was built at the behest of Odysseus, who hid inside its structure along with several other soldiers to ultimately emerge once taken into the city and lay siege to the city, and open the gates to the city.

While visiting the Dardanelles in Turkey I saw a replica of the Trojan Horse. The story, if fiction is a brilliant myth, and if true a genius military tactic.

There is a similar story about the army laying siege to the ancient city of Joppa now in Israel. They placed large ornate baskets outside the city gates. When taken in the city soldiers inside the baskets overwhelmed the gatekeepers and allowed the army to conquer the city.

America, are you listening?

We may very well have altered the story. We opened the gate ourselves and let in a force that may have made us vulnerable.

There is one word that may lead to tragedy for America the beautiful. It is “inclusion.” It started off as a desire to let Black Americans become more engaging in all of American society, education, politics, government, business, entertainment, etc. That was a good idea that may have gone awry.

It now includes foreigners who do not have the same standards, ethics, morals, historical or political views. Admirable examples of some who have brought with them a good work ethic and other virtues have unintentionally opened the gate a bit wider.

Opening our borders is an example of an excessive and obsessive act. While many have been a blessing an undocumented hoard is sure to have ushered in some who are not only undesirable but some who pose a threat. That threat may not be a terrorist threat, but a cultural erosion of values.

Some members of Congress are an example of this. Not only has our current President opened the gate widely, but some presidents before him did. Obama allowed in what has proven to be a voting colony and they have sent a delegate to Congress. That is an example of what inclusion can do.

Big hearted, open minded, benevolent, progressive are some words used in defense of inclusion. The late Thomas Sowell, said many people today confuse feeling with thinking. We need to think correctly and clearly first, and let our feelings follow.

When inclusion is aligned with equity and diversity they make another open gate. It has even gotten into our military. Think about it, in combat, would you rather have a person in command because they meet the EDI standard or one who has rank because of being trained and is most qualified?

It is beginning to manifest itself in the medical community. Same principle, which do you want, the EDI doctor or the best trained and qualified?

How about athletics? Who do you want on your team, the best player or one who is there because of EDI. Come to think about it if EDI is to be the basis of playing time, that will shuffle some football and basketball rosters.

The problems caused by EDI are the result of it being challenged more and more. Now that the problems it causes are known can we step back, think about it, and make some changes. Concede, it is hard to get a wooden horse out.