Yes Lord, Yes

Jesus deserves devotion like that given the British by the soldiers from Nepal, known as Gurkhas, who fought with them in Indonesia in 1964. The Gurkhas were courageous and fiercely loyal. These primitive people made up for their lack of training by their boldness. One mission called for there to be persons air dropped behind enemy lines in a section of Borneo. The British request for the Gurkhas to make the jump was declined at first. After consideration they sent word they would do it under certain conditions. The first condition was that the area of the drop had to have reasonably soft ground with no rock outcroppings. The second condition was that the plane had to fly as slow and low as possible, not over 100 feet. 

Their three requests: fly slow and low over soft ground and they would jump.

The British told the Gurkhas the planes always fly as slow as possible, but at only 100 feet there would not be time for their parachutes to open.

“Parachutes,” said the Gurkhas, “what is a parachute?” The valiant soldiers did not even know what a parachute was. However, they were willing to do whatever their commanding officers required even at the peril of their lives.

When our Lord calls on us to do something, He always has provisions in store about which we know nothing. Once we consent to comply, then He reveals the resources. This gives an opportunity to demonstrate faith.

Our response to the word and will of God should be like that of the people who in response to Joshua’s command responded,  “All that you command us we will do, and wherever you send us we will go.” (Joshua 1: 16)

Our love for and indebtedness to Jesus deserves such loyalty. Consider what He does for us when we come to Him in faith seeking His forgiveness.

When Christ saves us He cleanses us and washes away our sins. He removes them as far as the east from the west. Distance can be measured in both directions in millions of light years.  Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. A light year is the distance light travels at that speed in a year. To give you an idea how fast 186,000 per second is imagine having a gun that would shoot a bullet at that speed with the capacity to travel that distance. If you fired the bullet and tried to get out of its way it would travel around the world 7 and 1/2 times before you could even move.

Figuratively it is said He buries our sins in the depth of the sea. To give you some idea of this depth consider this. If the tallest mountain on earth were put in the lowest part of the sea more than a mile of water would cover the summit of that mountain. The point of these illustrations is merely that when our Lord forgives us He takes away our sins.

Out of gratitude our response should always be, “Yes Lord, yes.”