You Are Never Alone

Years ago there lived an elderly couple in a modest cottage on a tiny island in the Great Lake area. They lived alone in isolation without any neighbors for many miles. Their remoteness and isolation concerned their friends, Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Smith. One day the Smiths had a council of love and decided to invite the couple to come and live out their days with them. The next day Dr. Smith and one of his daughters went by boat to the remote island where the couple lived by themselves. To the gracious invitation came the reply, “Of course, we can’t accept the invitation, can we, dear?” The couple then led Dr. Smith through the yard and along a winding pathway until at last they came to a clearing with a carpet of green grass bordered by beautiful flowers. In the center of this little clearing was a tiny mound with a snow white cross at its head. The old man put his arm around his wife and said, “We can’t leave our island home, for you see we lost a son here.”

Likewise, no matter what happens, God will never leave this floating island in the sky called planet earth because He gave His Son here!

He will never leave us or forsake us. You can rely on Him. 

Do you ever feel like He isn’t as close as once He was? If so, it is not He who has moved. Consider the causes of your drift and reverse your course. Let Scripture serve as your supernatural GPS.

Drift is often imperceptive. Unless it is realized there is little likelihood it will be stopped. 

God not only created this island, He has a considerable investment here. For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him might be saved.

Bethlehem was God’s Normandy. There He came to seek and to save. When He left planet earth He left gray stones on Calvary stained by His red blood, His footprints in the Judean sand, and His influence on the ages. When He left for His heavenly home He said, “Whosoever will let Him come after me.” That is an open invitation.

Hear this well. The resurrected, overcoming, King of Kings and Lord of Lords dwells in you. His spirit resides in you. Therefore, you have an example and an empowering Lord domiciled in you. That means right now the Lord is near you to comfort you. That can make you an oasis of faith in a barren land of uncertainty.

Regardless of what you are experiencing or will experience, hold your head high and walk with pride, you are a follower of the loving Lord who said, He would never, no not ever, no never leave you. Got it! That is a forever never with no exception ever. Emblazon that on the sky of your mind.

That means right now the Lord is near you to comfort you. That can make you an oasis of faith in a barren land of uncertainty.