You Do Matter

Do you ever feel as though you don’t have resources that enable you to be a contributor? 

Small things can ultimately have large results. For example, consider how few musical notes there are in a scale. There are only eight. Yet, all the music in the world comes from them. Consider all the symphonies, concertos, oratorios, hymns, and popular secular music. It all comes from only eight notes.

All the profound words in libraries filled with volumes written in English have their origin in only twenty-six letters of the English alphabet.

You are not accountable for anything not in your control. You are responsible for the most constructive use of things in your reservoir of resources. 

Jesus told the story of the mustard seed. Not knowing the nature of the mustard of which He spoke robs us of its fuller meaning. I have brought back from Israel literally hundreds of thousands of these seeds. Upon planting one it takes on the nature of the Oriental mustard and grows to become a ten foot tree. Small though the seed was, it produced a tree large enough for a bird to build its nest in it. It was small, but its nature was large. We all produce according to our nature something larger than ourselves. If you have the heart, you can do the same. 

Be all you were created with the ability to be. That is all you should expect of yourself. However, that is what you should demand of yourself. 

Examples of this are students. A “C” student should be the best “C” student they have the ability to be. A “B” student should be the best “B” they have the ability to be. An “A” student should be the best “A” student they have the capacity of being. Neither should be concerned about not being what they don’t have the capacity of being. All should aspire to be the best they were born with the capacity to be.

The dedication of each should be to being their best they can be and not fretting over not being one they are not capable of being. Stretch yourself within your being.

A worthy aspiration and commitment is: Jesus, I want to be all for you that I have the capacity of being.

James the Lesser is proof there is room for lessers in the service of our Lord. He is an example of the fact you can’t have a greater without a lesser. You can’t have a book without a chapter, you can’t have a chapter without a paragraph, you can’t have a paragraph without a sentence, you can’t have a sentence without a word, and you can’t have a word without the letters of the alphabet. You can’t have a greater without a lesser. Whatever he did it was essential to the role of the apostles. He walked with giants, and was a companion of Jesus.

If you feel like you are a nobody, get over it. In reality there are no nobodies in the cause of Christ. Nobody? There stands the cross proving you really are somebody. Now get out there and fulfill the cause for which you were called. May you find fulfillment in your calling. You really do matter.