Your Future Is a Matter of Choice

“No man can serve two masters….”  That would be like going two directions at the same time. It would be like playing on opposing teams in the same game. In life as in athletics it doesn’t work.

Reality is every person serves a master, every person. You can’t opt out saying you don’t have a master. You do.

If you chose to serve yourself, the ultimate “me” you are choosing to serve is a corrupt master. The “me” you choose to serve is corrupted by being a member of the fallen human race.

Simon Peter warned there are persons who are “slaves to corruption.” (II Peter 2:19) Choose to serve the best Master.

“Me” is a malevolent master, that is, corrupted one with lower standards, having a degenerate disposition.

Choose instead to serve a benevolent Master, Jesus Christ. He can counter the corrupted nature within you. The benevolent Master can alert you to the error and emptiness of the world around you.

He can emancipate you from the selfish power of a “me” centered world. He can give you higher aspirations, ambitions, and attitudes. He can open your life to loftier dreams, desires, and drives.

Real freedom is coming under the power of His delivering influence, building a defense against further corruption, and opening a new view of life: abundant life.

Life consists of the choices we make every day. If you have not made a conscious choice, you have by default been serving the “me” god.

In Elijah’s day he challenged the people saying, “How long will you falter between two opinions?” (I Kings 18:21)

Joshua gathered the people at Shechem and charged them, “…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…” (Joshua 24:19) He put a time on choosing, “this day.” Even the most devout should use this day to renew and deepen the choice.

It is a mind-blowing concept that the God who created the Universe is looking for company, a real relationship with people. His love preempts the consequence of our sinful actions. In turn He offers us a cleansed joyous life with the ability to interpret the choices around us.

He gives us strength by which to live,

He gives us peace in which to live.

He gave Himself for whom to live.

Every decision affords a choice of which master to serve.